randall ultimate nullifier scott ian
Anthrax’s Scott Ian has a new signature amp from Randall launching at Winter NAMM 2014 called Ultimate Nullifier (UN120). I actually liked the idea of Scott Ian’s previous signature amp called the RM100SI which used the MTS Modules system licensed from Egnater so that you can switch the preamp modules in and out for each channel but I guess that system has been discontinued since Mike Fortin stepped in as lead amp designer. Regardless I’m sure this amp will be an absolute beast.

The Ultimate Nullifier is a 120 Watt all tube head with 2 channels and 4 modes. The preamp is powered by 6 12AX7’s and the power amp by 4 6L6’s. It has a tube driven series/parallel effects loop that is foot switchable. It also has active and passive inputs, high and low frequency gain controls, variable boost and full EQ for both channels, presence/depth power amp voicing, push/pull bias controls and some heavy duty appointments including the metal front and rear grills plus additional side handles.

There is also a 4×12 Scott Ian signature cabinet (SI412-GB) loaded with 4 Celestion greenbacks.