Jon Bloomer – Guitar Noize Founder

Having started learning music at an early age I soon wanted to follow in the footsteps of my new musical heroes and rock out on an electric guitar. When I was 12 my parents bought me my first electric guitar and it soon became apparent that I had a natural gift for guitar and music. By the age of 16 I was a competent electric guitarist winning a Dudley Schools Scholarship for my performance of Vivaldi’s guitar concerto in D Major arranged for electric guitar which I used to buy my first Classical Guitar. That year I also moved on from School to Kidderminster College in England where I studied A Level Music and Performing Arts. I also began Classical guitar lessons and in 2 short years managed to attain a Distinction in my Grade 8 guitar exam and then a Trinity College Performance Diploma.

At the age of 18 I began my music degree at Birmingham Conservatoire (England) studying Classical guitar with Simon Dinnigan, Jazz with Fred Baker and Composition with Prof. Andrew Downes. During my time at the Conservatoire I also studied Sitar, took part in a 120 person choir performing music such as Mozart’s Requiem Mass and eventually helped create a new Music Technology & Composition course that I also taught in my final year to 1st and 2nd year students. I graduated 4 years later with a 1st Class Bmus (hons).

Fast forward to the present day and I have now been playing guitar for 21 years, crikey I don’t feel that old?! I continue to enjoy both playing guitar, listening and watching others play guitar and teaching guitar with the same passion that I had as a young teenager hungry for fame and fortune as the next Joe Satriani or the next Megadeth guitarist. I have a broad musical knowledge and believe that everyone is capable of learning music that they enjoy. From my years teaching and being taught I have realised the importance of good instruction in order to develop as a musician. Simple technique problems if not caught early can hinder the progress and lead to frustration and in some cases a student completely abandoning an instrument, also retaining interest is as much about encouragement and learning music that the student loves. Probably the most important aspect of learning guitar that I encourage is performance, playing either for fun with friends or aspiring to play paid gigs.

I have been running this website,, since June 2007 which keeps me abreast of the latest guitar products, news, instructional DVD’s and Albums through my reviews and the press releases I receive. More importantly it also encourages me to actually pick up and play my guitar and to share my knowledge where possible through my YouTube videos.

Pappy – Contributing Author

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I have always been interested in music and spent my early life exploring different instruments and seeing if any came naturally to me. None did. But I loved the idea of playing guitar the most that I disregarded the lack of talent and decided to dive in. A friend of mine showed me how to read tab, another loaned me their Harmony guitar and amp, and yet another let me borrow their distortion pedal and that was all it took. I devoured all instruction that I could find be it friends showing me riffs, or studying concert footage. As a result of being largely self-taught and stumbling on most guitar techniques, my skill has not improved nearly as fast as others, but that doesn’t stop the instrument from being one of the key points to who I am and what makes me, me. I’ve been playing since 1997 and mainly focus on playing punk rock or jazz with occasional bouts of rockabilly and regular ol’ rock and roll. I love gear (especially signature gear) and seeing great examples of construction on guitars, amps, pedals, or even cords is endlessly exciting to me.

In 2008 I started a guitar blog called the Fifth Fret mainly as a way to talk about guitars without bugging my wife and over the five years that the Fifth Fret was active I reviewed a ton of stuff, wrote a bunch of rants, and was able to interview some of my heroes. I co-hosted the guitar podcast Six String Bliss for over a year as well, making new friends and having new adventures along the way.

Now I am a contributing author for Guitar Noize offering my services mainly in an editorial and reviewing capability. I’ve always held up Guitar Noize as my personal standard for my blog and it’s really nice to be part of the organization rather than trying to measure up to it!