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NAMM 2015: Greg Howe’s Signature Carvin Guitar

greg howe carvin signature
Now I don’t know about you but I’m totally confused about the whole Carvin/Kiesel thing and this new signature guitar for the amazing Greg Howe further confuses the issue in my opinion. According to Jeff Kiesel all custom Carvin guitars will now have the Kiesel logo on the headstock and he has personally worked with Greg Howe on the his new signature model and yet Carvin is the logo on the headstock?!

Anyway aside from the name confusion the guitar will be available from February 1st and it is a sweet looking 24 fret, bolt-on superstrat with a chambered Alder body, Birds Eye Maple fret board with a 20″ radius and comes in a California burst flame top. The guitar will feature a Kiesel Greg Howe signature humbucker in the bridge and the Carvin twin blade pickup in the neck position.

Skip to 1:26 to see Jeff Kiesel talk about the new Greg Howe signature model, or just watch the whole vid to see the Jason Becker tribute guitar:

For more info there are a few places to follow, first up it makes most sense to go to, you could also try Carvin’s website and you could try Kiesel Guitars facebook page, I’m sure one of those will eventually settle the confusion.

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NAMM 2015: Seymour Duncan Mark Holcomb Signature Alpha/Omega Pickups

PRS Guitars and Periphery guitarist Mark Holcomb have just announced Mark’s limited edition signature guitar, featuring Mark’s very own Seymour Duncan Alpha and Omega humbucking pickups. Mark came to visit us for a few days to develop these pickups with Keith Merrow, and they’ll be available separately soon. Watch the video above for more information from Mark himself.

seymour duncan alpha/omega pickups

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NAMM 2015: Toneconcepts The Luke, Steve Lukather Signature Boost/EQ Pedal

Toneconcpets The Luke
It’s hard to believe considering what an amazing and long successful career Steve Lukather has had but the Toneconcepts ‘The Luke’ is his first ever custom signature effect pedal. Luke had been impressed by Toneconcepts ‘The Distillery’ pedal to the point where it had become an integral part of his setup and tone so he went to them to create an enhanced custom version for himself which became his new signature pedal called ‘The Luke’.

“‘The Luke’ is an innovative and musical tone-shaping preamp boost with unparalleled power, transparency and tonal flexibility that takes any guitar and amp combination to the next level of musical bliss.” – Toneconcepts

Check out the new pedal over at the Toneconcepts website where you can purchase one of the limited edition (only 100 produced) pedals for $269.00.

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NAMM 2015: New Dean Guitars Colt Series

These are a pretty cool new update to the Dean Guitars lineup, the Colt Series which is a hollowbody guitar which they have added 2 outputs to, one to run the Piezo pickups to a seperate acoustic amp for realistic acoustic tones. There are 3 models, the Colt Flame Top, the Colt Flame Top 12 String and the slightly cheaper but in my opinion coolest of the 3, the matte black Colt BKS.

For more info check out the Dean Guitars website.

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NAMM 2015: Marshall 2555x Silver Jubilee Reissue

marshall silver jubilee reissue
“The Silver Jubilee Series was created in 1987 to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the founding of Marshall Amplification and the 50th year of Jim Marshall being in the music business. The limited edition, all-valve Silver Jubilee amplifiers looked stunning in silver vinyl covering with chrome-plated control panel.”

Based on JCM800 2203 and 2204 Master Volume models, the Jubilee amplifiers were the first Marshall products with Pentode/Triode switching, which halves power output. The Jubilee Series featured an innovative preamp circuit which had three gain modes: Clean, Rhythm Clip, and footswitchable Lead Channel. The Bass, Middle, Treble & Presence controls, although shared between channels, were re-designed and offered more tonal variation than any other Marshall product had before.

Check out the Marshall product demonstration of the 2555x Silver Jubilee Reissue:

Here’s another video from Premier Guitar taken at NAMM just to give you a few more tone examples.

For more information head over to the Marshall 2555x Silver Jubilee Reissue product page.

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NAMM 2015: Fender Sergio Vallin Signature Model

fender sergio vallin
I’ll admit I have no idea who Servio Vallin is (apparently he is in Mexican quartet Maná the world’s biggest Latin rock band) but I think this is a very interesting signature Fender model as it seems more based on a pawn shop model than most signature models. In fact this is an all new body shape which is sort of an offset Stratocaster. The wood combination is classic Fender with an Alder body, Maple neck and Rosewood fretboard, but the controls and trem definitely have a unique look with a chrome plate under the trem with Sergio’s signature engraved into it.

Check out the full specs of the Fender Sergio Vallin Signature model here.

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NAMM 2015: Blackbird El Capitan acoustic released made of Ekoa® linen

blackbird el capitan
Press Release
El Capitan is Blackbird Guitar’s latest model which debuts at the 2015 NAMM Show built on the concept shown last year. The small jumbo model has the tone and vibe of a vintage wood instrument, but is actually crafted of Ekoa®. The natural fiber composite is mostly made of low-density linen that rivals the tone of the best wood with stiffness in two directions rather than the simply one. Ekoa® is not only more tonally responsive but also exceptionally durable as well as humidity and temperature stable. El Capitan is the first guitar constructed of the new high-performance, ecological composite and a major step forward in premium acoustic materials from the industry standard old growth wood.

El Capitan’s enhanced resonance is driven by the Ekoa® double top soundboard as well as Blackbird’s celebrated hollow neck, unibody construction. In 2013, after years of research, Blackbird introduced their first Ekoa® built instrument Clara. The game-changing ukulele is widely considered the most powerful concert ukulele available. Building on this success, San Francisco-built El Capitan is a next generation guitar with unmatched dynamic response, old-school feel and a worry-free playing experience. This ground-breaking instrument will be available February 2015 complete with ergonomically sculpted slothead, truss rod and deluxe soft case. Street pricing starts at $2995.

Ekoa® materials are produced by San Francisco-based sister company Lingrove and are poised to revolutionize the music industry as a superior alternative diminishing wood stocks.

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NAMM 2015: Ibanez JS25ART Anniversary Signature Joe Satriani Guitar

ibanez js25art signature joe satriani anniversary
I’ve been a massive Joe Satriani fan since I picked up the electric guitar in 1988 and immediately wanted an Ibanez JS the moment they were released in 1990, it wasn’t actually until 2008 that I bought one, a black pearl JS1000. It was a great guitar, sounded fantastic, but as G.A.S. took hold of me (as it does regularly) I ended up selling it to fund my Suhr S4. Hey at least I finally followed through on my plan to buy one.

So just to make me and everyone else who started playing guitar around that time it is the 25th Anniversary this year of the Ibanez JS Series and there have been some fantastic models over the years and they continue to evolve to meet Joe’s demanding requirements. One of the coolest pair of guitars I ever saw played live were Satch’s Black Dog and Donnie (a JS3 painted by Donnie Hunt) and I thought the hand painted and scribbled graphics were fantastic so it is very fitting that for the anniversary Ibanez invited Joe to draw custom graphics on a load of bodies that would be sold as limited edition models, I’ve read that 50 guitars will be produced and it appears they will follow the more recent JS2400 model with 24 frets and single coil sized Satch Track humbucker. I guess that’s just based on what Joe plays now but personally if I was going to be able to stump up the $8000 needed to buy one of these limited edition guitars I would want the original 22 fret 2 humbucker JS Model. Anyway check out this awesome video below to see Joe Satriani and a set of Sharpies customising the JS bodies.

Here is a great photo of one of the completed guitars:
ibanez js25art namm

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NAMM 2015: Laney IRT Pulse, Tube Preamp with USB

This is an interesting product from my fellow Black Country folk at Laney, the Laney IRT Pulse is a tube driven boost pedal plus an audio interface that can connect to your DAW directly via USB and as an added bonus feature it also allows re-amping at the touch of a button. The IRT Pulse contains 2 ECC83 or 12AX7 tubes and features two modes REGULAR and HOT. Regular allows you to dial in a small amount of tube drive giving you a really nice amount of natural break up whilst hot mode switches you into real IRONHEART lead tone and everything in between. The IRT-PULSE comes equipped with a switchable on-board cabinet emulation – the same as the great sounding cabinet emulation as the IRT-STUDIO, meaning you can use the on-board emulation or record it dry and add an IR from you DAW.

“The USB2.0 Bidirectional interface simultaneously sends an amped and a dry signal to your DAW via different channels, allowing you to re-amp the dry signal later using the leadless re-amp feature – simply hit the re-amp button and your original dry guitar track is re routed via the USB socket back through the IRT-PULSE.”

For more info head over to

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NAMM 2015: Line 6 Firehawk & Variax Standard

line 6 firehawk
“Firehawk FX is packed with over 200 amps and effects, giving you powerful flexibility to create your own sound or reproduce the tones of any recording. From warm vintage classics to high-gain powerhouses, the world’s best amps are now at your fingertips. And to take your sound even further, Firehawk FX is loaded with inspiring effects, including must-have stompboxes and stunning Line 6 originals. Firehawk FX is a powerful multi-effect guitar processor that will foster your creativity and energize your playing”

“The Firehawk Remote app for iOS and Android makes it easier than ever to create the perfect guitar tone. From your phone or tablet, you can craft elaborate signal chains, fine-tune hundreds of tone parameters, and connect with a massive online community of guitarists. The Line 6 cloud contains a vast library of tones covering countless genres and thousands of popular songs. You can create, save and recall an unlimited number of presets, so you’ll always have access to the tones you need.”

Line 6 Firehawk FX

Check out this video from Andertons and Guitarist Magazine who have teamed up for NAMM 2015 who show off the new Variax guitars made by Yamaha and the Line 6 Firehawk FX:

The Line 6 Variax Standard is described as innovation meets Yamaha craftsmanship with access to an entire collection of electric, acoustic and exotic guitars. It is simple to switch between alternate tunings with the turn of a knob and create any guitar imaginable with Workbench HD software. It has a lightweight alder body, fast maple neck and custom single-coil pickups

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