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EHX Holy Grail Neo Reverb Pedal

Although I’m a little slow to post this, my apologies, Electro-Harmonix recently added to their already vast array of effects pedals with a compact Reverb pedal called the EHX Holy Grail Neo which features Plate, Spring and Hall reverbs controlled by a three-position toggle switch in EHX’s die-cast nano chassis. The Holy Grail Neo is True Bypass to ensure maximum signal path integrity when the effect is in bypass mode, it can be powered by a 9 Volt battery and is shipped with an EHX9.6DC power supply. The U.S. List Price is $163.37.

For more info –

EHX holy grail neo

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J. Joye Guitars To Exhibit At MusikMesse

  • J. Joye Starlette
  • J. Joye Bel Air
  • J. Joye Ace of Spade
  • J. Joye Ace of Spade

J.Joye guitars is a French company based in Lille who have been operating since 2011. Their aim is to create electric guitars with a distinctive character, tone and playability at affordable prices while still maintaining the highest standards. J. Joye Guitars recently showed off their retro design guitars at the Birmingham Guitar Show and are now about to exhibit their guitars and basses at Frankfurt MusikMesse 2015.

Each of the guitar models feature designs inspired by guitars of the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s, the Bel Air for instance looks like something Bo Diddley would have loved with it’s classic American car looks. This guitar features a chambered Mahogany body with Maple cap, Maple neck and Ebony fretboard and American Classic ’57 Pickups. Meanwhile the Ace of Spade (should that be plural?) has its roots planted in classic rock and metal of the 70’s with it’s Ash body, Maple Neck with Ace of Spades 12th fret inlay and High Voltage custom pickups.

If you are going along to MusikMesse J. Joye Guitars will be at Booth 4.0 B67.

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Aalberg Audio Announce 2 New Wireless Controlled Pedals

Back in August last year I posted about a new innovative pedal company called Aalberg Audio who have created a delay pedal called EKKO which is controlled by a wireless remote, AERO. This pedal was a crowdfunding success and the company has used it’s technology to expand the range in time for Musikmesse 2015. The two new pedals are called the ROM RO-1 Reverb Pedal and TRYM TR-1 Tremolo Pedal. These new effects pedals can also be controlled using one AERO controller.



Both pedals will debut at Frankfurt Musikmesse 2015, Booth: 4.0 E68A.

Aalberg Audio website

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Gibson Eden of Coronet SG – Ugly, $2,000,000 Guitar

gibson eden of coronet
Just when you think you’ve seen the ugliest guitar of the year, the Fender Custom Shop Pine Cone Stratocaster, Gibson go one better and create the Gibson Eden of Coronet SG. This guitar is a collaboration between jewellery designer Aaron Shum, founder of CORONET®… no I’ve never heard of them but apparently they like diamonds because they stuck $2,000,000 worth of them all over a perfectly good SG and then created one of the most awkward photos of Henry J’s career. Speaking of Henry Juszkiewicz he had this to say, “All along we’ve been striving to expand our business to different sectors of the consumer market and ‘Eden of CORONET®’ is definitely an important milestone for what we target to achieve.”

Wow, if this thing is an important milestone in Gibson’s history the brand is surely doomed.

gibson eden of coronet

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Tony MacAlpine – Concrete Gardens, Pre-order available

concrete gardens
Tony MacAlpine is set to release his new album ‘Concrete Gardens‘ will be released on April 21st and is available for pre-order in Digital Download, Standard Edition CD, and Special Edition CD/DVD versions at

You can check out a preview of the album below with the title track ‘Concrete Gardens’ which is sounding like classic Tony MacAlpine and less like the heavier progressive metal sound of his previous self-titled album. Having said that I’m going off a single track, I have no idea what the rest of the album sounds like yet but I’m looking forward to hearing it next month!

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DV Mark Multiamp FG – Frank Gambale Signature Amp

DV Mark Multiamp FG
There’s not a lot of info on the DV Mark website about the special edition Multiamp FG other than that the tones of Frank Gambale’s signature amp called Ampli-tude are now added to the virtual amps, effects, features and programmability of the Multiamp. Plus, there are 20 finely crafted presets by Frank built in also. Frank Gambale certainly does a great job of demonstrating the DV Mark Multiamp FG in the video above.

Check out more info on the DV Mark Multiamp FG here.

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Electro-Harmonix Bad Stone Phaser Reissue Pedal

Electro-Harmonix have re-issued their classic Bad Stone Phaser, the first six-stage phaser with an adjustable feedback control and a manual mode that actually lets you freeze the phase sweep. The new version of the pedal comes in a compact pedal chassis with modern features such as true bypass, LED indicator and an AC jack that accepts a standard EHX9.6DC power supply.

“Its Rate knob controls the phase shifting speed which, in classic Bad Stone fashion, goes from a very slow swoosh to a rapid, oscillating warble. Feedback determines the depth of the phase effect and a toggle switch lets the user select Auto or Manual modes. In Manual mode the Manual Shift knob tunes the frozen phase shift sound.”

The Bad Stone Phaser pedal will ship with a nine volt battery and carries a U.S. List Price of $94.79.

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The Aristocrats announce new album Tres Caballeros

the aristocrats
Press Release
Fresh off their wildly successful 2013-2014 Culture Clash world tour, The Aristocrats – by any measure the hottest new band in instrumental rock/fusion today – rewrote their own rules for their third studio album, Tres Caballeros, which is slated for release in late June.

After two fairly raw trio albums, guitarist Guthrie Govan (Steven Wilson, Asia/GPS), bassist Bryan Beller (Joe Satriani, Dethklok) and drummer Marco Minnemann (Steven Wilson, Joe Satriani) set up camp at legendary Sunset Sound studios in Hollywood, CA, where Led Zeppelin, The Rolling Stones and Van Halen all recorded landmark albums.

The result: Nine new compositions of greater sonic depth and breadth than ever before, with unique textures and lush layering augmenting the band’s preternatural ability to improvise both individually and as a group at the highest levels possible. But not to worry – it’s all still tempered with a steadfast refusal to take themselves too seriously, and The Aristocrats are still having more fun than a fusion band has any right to have.

“We’ve learned a lot since we started this band – four years, three studio albums, two live DVDs and about a billion notes ago! – and I think our latest offering reflects this in all kinds of ways,” says guitarist Guthrie Govan. “The decision to road-test our new material in front of a live audience before commencing the recording process; the choice to record in a studio which had some thoroughly inspiring rock’n’roll ‘mojo'; our sudden urge to become more bold and experimental with overdubs rather than feeling any pressure to record exclusively in a strict ‘trio’ format… all of this has had some kind of positive effect on the way the new record came out. Plus, I think the material on this album is some of the most interesting stuff we’ve ever written for each other, so… here’s hoping our noble listeners will like the finished product as much as we do!”

The Tres Caballeros tour will bring the band’s new musical vision in trio form to stages across North America in their most ambitious jaunt yet. For dates check out the Aristocrats website –

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Eddie Van Halen demonstrates the EVH 5150IIIS

You’ve all seen gear demos on YouTube, there are literally thousands of people demonstrating guitar products these days. This however is something very special, one of my guitar heroes and original inspirations for playing guitar and in my opinion one of the greatest guitar players of all time, Eddie Van Halen, demonstrating the latest version of his signature amp – the EVH 5150IIIS.

The video was filmed at Eddie’s 5150 studio using GoPro video cameras for a close up of Eddie’s hands at work. Is that duct tape over the high E string near the bridge?!

Eddie explains the inspiration of how the specially modified circuit originated and personally walks viewers through his amplifier rig showcasing its exclusive features and settings while playing some of his signature riffs and displaying some of his ground-breaking playing techniques.

Click on the link to learn more about the mighty EVH 5150IIIS Amplifier.

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PRS SE Alex Lifeson Signature Thinline Acoustic

PRS have announced a new signature acoustic added to the SE Acoustic range for Rush guitarist Alex Lifeson. The PRS SE Alex Lifeson features a thinner body depth than PRS’s standard Angelus model and the “Birds in Flight” inlay design.

“The guitar’s thinner body provides an added level of comfort for players and boasts PRS’s Hybrid X/Classical bracing pattern, which gives this guitar a resonance and warmth not found in some thinline models. The addition of an undersaddle pickup with both volume and tone controls gives this guitar a warm acoustic tone when amplified.”

To hear the SE Alex Lifeson Thinline acoustic in action and for complete specifications, visit


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