I only heard about this amp a few days via Scott Ian’s Twitter feed (@Scott_Ian) if you don’t follow him already he tweets a lot and answers lots of fan questions so definitely worth checking out. The amp is the new Scott Ian Signature Randall RM100SI head and cab which feature a distinctive grill cloth design featuring what looks like the Dharma Initiative logo from Lost with a Pentegram in the centre. The 100 Watt amp is an all tube design featuring JJ EL34 power tubes and Randall’s MTS preamp modules designed by Scott Ian and legendary rack and boutique amp designer and builder Dave Friedman. Other features include: MIDI in/thru, Master Volume, Presence, Density controls, Parallel loop w/front panel mix control
Series loop, Rear tube bias section, Slave out, 3-button MIDI footswitch included and World voltage AC input selector (100/120/220/240).

“Malcolm” Module
The Malcolm is what Scott uses for classic rock rhythm tones. It pays obvious homage to the greatest of rock rhythm players.

1987 Module
The 1987 is Scott’s most used module. It duplicates the tone Scott got with his JCM800 and used with Anthrax in the late ’80s.

The Nuts Module
In Poker, the Nuts is when you absolutely have the best hand you can have. The Nuts module is absolutely the most over the top hi gain tone you can get.

A 4 x 12″ Straight front Speaker Cabinet is also available equipped with 4 Celestion Heritage 30s. Made with the best quality Baltic birch. Heavy duty removable casters. Scott Ian Signature graphic steel grille.