For me, Positive Grid’s BIAS is one of the greatest apps ever released on the iPad (and iPhone too since my review). Not only is it incredibly fun to play amp designer the results you get from customising amps; switching transformers, changing and biasing tubes, combining different preamps and poweramps etc. sounds brilliant.

Ever since it’s release there have been comments all over social media sites asking if BIAS will ever be released as a plugin for desktop and it seems that day is fast approaching. Positive Grid BIAS Explorer is a beta testing program that you can apply to be part of to help shape the future of BIAS for desktop. I think when this is finally released it is going to be a huge success.

Positive Grid announces BIAS Desktop, a groundbreaking guitar-amp designer and modeler plug-in for both Mac OS X and Windows. Available in VST, Audio Units, RTAS and AAX formats, BIAS Desktop features the most realistic modeler engine, Amp Matching (a pioneering first for DAW plug-ins), BIAS Expansion Packs and the ToneCloud preset-sharing platform. Amp Matching analyzes any live or recorded guitar tone and exactly recreates it within BIAS Desktop.

So not only are you doing to get all the same great features of the iOS app but also a new feature which I’ve only seen on super expensive rack amp modelling units such as the Fractal Axe-FX, Amp Matching!

“Simply input signal from a miked amp or pre-recorded guitar track, and BIAS Desktop will invisibly insert additional processing into the signal path to make your current amp precisely match the tone of the inputted guitar signal. No other plug-in can do this. Once the tone is captured and replicated, the user can save it as a custom preset and share it with other musicians on Positive Grid’s proprietary social network, ToneCloud.”

That sounds like an awesome feature! BIAS Desktop is planned for a Q3 launch. Positive Grid currently invites experienced and talented individuals to join them in shaping this project and give early feedback prior to the product’s release.
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