My first CD I owned (not long after CD’s had replaced Cassettes) was Def Leppard’s “Hysteria”, my early memories of the band include Steve Clarke with a white Les Paul and Phil Collen with a number of custom Jackson guitars with Dracula graphics or sparkly silver paint jobs. After hearing Hysteria I started exploring their previous albums such as Pyromania and saw old videos where Phil Collen was playing a triple humbucker Ibanez Destroyer, obviously based on the Gibson Explorer, Ibanez however made that shape even more badass looking with extra features such as trems and in Phil Collen’s case 3 humbuckers!

I’ve always thought that guitar was very cool, classy but Metal. Well Jackson Guitars obviously think so too as they have created their own version especially for Phil called the X-STROYER. 

Collen’s original guitar was popularized by the iconic Def Leppard music videos for the hit singles, “Rock of Ages,” “Foolin’” and “Photograph.” Collen plans on playing his new, custom Jackson during those songs while on tour.

When asked about his new Jackson X-STROYER Collen stated, “This guitar isn’t an exact carbon copy of my Ibanez Destroyer; it’s aesthetically based on the one I played in Def Leppard’s classic videos ‘Photograph,’ ‘Rock of Ages,’ and ‘Foolin’’ in the 1980’s. Somehow that guitar seemed to take on a life of its own with the fans when they saw it in the videos. However, my new Jackson PC X-STROYER is the exact opposite with regards to the body outline/perimeter. The X-STROYER has a mahogany body with a maple top that looks solid black from a distance. But then when you get up close you can see the beautiful wood grain of the Trans Black finish. It has DiMarzio pickups, a Floyd Rose tremolo with FU Tone titanium block and saddles and a Jackson Sustainer/Driver pickup same as I have in my Jackson PC1s. My X-STROYER has a very thick neck, which also helps the tone. This guitar feels and sounds expensive. The intent while building the new instrument was to have a body shape that invokes the ‘spirit/enthusiasm’ of my classic model, but with a twist. Mike Shannon, Jackson senior master builder, really went overboard for me on this one and I think it’s the best Jackson guitar I’ve ever played.”

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