When I first saw Monster Grips I thought, that’s cool I drop regular Tortex style picks all the time and so have switched to Dunlop MaxGrips but they are nylon and not really my preferred pick material. Monster Grips have just launched this new Kickstarter campaign to put their simple but effective product into full production and the coolest thing about these non-slip grips that aren’t sticky and stay clean is that they can also be used to reduce slippage of your effects pedals and maybe even your amp heads on your cab.

Monster Grips™ amazing properties allow you to hold the pick even more lightly, producing even better articulation, while reducing fatigue.

“We have already lined up a manufacturer, printer, and packager, but that is where it ends as we need to raise the funds to meet the minimum requirements to take it to production.”

As with all Kickstarter campaigns there are a myriad of donation rewards on the campaign page including a t-shirt and guitar lessons. Use the widget below to click through to the campaign page: