I’ve never owned a volume pedal so what immediately impressed me about the Ernie Ball MVP was that it has a 20db gain boost or gain control and a min control that lets you set up to 50% of level for the heel down position meaning you can set a clean & dirty tone without altering your guitar volume and either quickly switch between them or use the pedal to gradually increase and decrease the gain. On a clean tone you can obviously use it as 2 separate volume levels but for me personally I can see way more milage from using this pedal to differentiate between a low gain and full volume all the gain setting on an already overdriven amp. The name is a bit odd and I can’t help but imagine Bill & Ted saying that “this pedal is most valuable!”, and they would of course be right it is way more valuable to me than a standard volume pedal and as someone who has never used Volume pedals I can see why they are so popular. I used to think the only use for a volume pedal was to do swells to make chords sound all epic and etherial or to make your guitar sound like a violin by taking the attack out of each note, or maybe just to mute the guitar in between songs! This pedal however has convinced me otherwise and it is all thanks to the Min control. I know you can technically use your volume control on your guitar but that is clunky in comparison to having a heel down position for clean and toe down position for overdrive, plus you also have the sweep in between if you have good foot control for setting a more crunchy tone.

The bottom of the MVP has a little hatch to insert a 9v battery or you can use the provided AC adapter to power it. The Tuner output can be used at any volume, with any tuner, without any effect on audio signal which is another nice addition. Ernie Ball say there is no high frequency loss at any volume and the MVP will work with active and passive audio signals.

For more information head over to the Ernie Ball MVP product page.