amplitube orange ipad

AmpliTube Orange is a complete, full-featured guitar/bass amp and effects rig for your iPad that includes a single track (expandable to 8 tracks) recorder for capturing your performances on the go. It features intuitive tools, tones and controls that will inspire you beyond your wildest expectations.

AmpliTube Orange features a “pedal board” section containing 4 slots for daisy chaining effects pedals, an Amp section for amp and cabinet selection, plus a recording section with up to 8 tracks of layering.


  • Real-time Orange amp and effects guitar/bass suite
  • 5 Classic and modern officially certified Orange guitar amps: OR50, Rockerverb 50, Thunderverb 200, Tiny Terror, AD 30, AD 200 MK 3 Bass Amp
  • Matching speaker cabinet models can be mixed & matched
  • Selectable speaker mic choices: passive & condenser
  • 4 Stomps: Echo Trip delay, Highway Drive overdrive, Shaker tremolo, Noise filter
  • Built-in tuner, metronome
  • 4 slots for daisy chained stompbox effects
  • Single track recorder included (expandable to 8 tracks with bounce feature, master effects via in-app purchase)
  • Song section for importing device library music and play-along
  • MIDI controllable via iRig PRO or iRig MIDI
  • Create and save presets
  • Works with all IK Multimedia mobile interfaces like iRig PRO, iRig HD or iRig Stomp
  • Standalone app or available as in-app bundle in AmpliTube for iPad
  • Full production music suite for your iPad
  • Designed and engineered in Italy

AmpliTube Orange includes 6 amps — 5 guitar heads, 1 bass head and matching cabinets. Included are the OR50, Rockerverb 50, Thunderverb 200, the Tiny Terror, the AD 30 and AD 200 Bass MK 3. Speaker cabinets include the 4×12” PPC, 1×12” PPC, 2×12” PPC, 2×12” AD30 and the 1×15” OBC.

In the stompbox section, you’ll find some extremely cool useful effects. These stomps are not Orange effects, but are derived from some of our best effects in AmpliTube.

  • Echo Trip — an analog delay with features you’d expect — feedback control (repeat), delay time, effect level and an effect tone control.
  • Highway Drive — vintage influenced overdrive pedal with crunch, level and tone controls.
  • The Shaker — a beat syncable tremolo with controllable envelope shape, rate and depth control.
  • Noise Filter — gets rid of the hiss when the gain gets cranked.

Once you get your tone dialed in, the signal goes into a recording section where you can capture your ideas and performances. The recording section features a single track recorder that’s expandable to 8 tracks with a bounce feature and a master effects section for final production mastering. In essence, you can record and produce a full composition all inside of AmpliTube Orange for iPad. The recorder in AmpliTube Orange supports audio import, copy and audio paste.

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