The ToneKone is an interesting new product from the UK that is a simple, lightweight and unobtrusive close mic system, or mic holder, that attaches to your combo amp or speaker cabinet with an adjustable strap and some velcro. Now in the video I use the included Velcro discs which I moved a couple of times until I had exactly the correct position and just after I stopped recording the mic became unattached, so I would strongly recommend that once you have the position of your velcro disc exactly where it needs to be mark the position with masking tape or something that won’t wreck your tolex and then switch to the heavy duty adhesive velcro strip also included. Also included, which I didn’t realise at the time of recording, is a semi-rigid adjustable anchor which can be used to hook into an open back cab, see below:


Below you can see the lightweight plastic ToneKone designed to hold dynamic style microphones, not side address microphones, and weighs just 109g. The ToneKone is 162mm in length and has a 110mm front diameter and 70mm rear diameter. And in case you are worried, Dr Matthew Jones PhD, of The University of Southampton has carried out independent tests on the Tonekone and has verified that it does not adversely affect the sound in any way.

Below is an image that demonstrates how the strap attaches with the supplied velcro discs but as I said I would definitely use one of the other two methods mentioned above to avoid the disc becoming detached mid gig.

You can buy the ToneKone directly from the ToneKone website for £24.99 (plus shipping).