TSVG Angry Jeff
TSVG Pedals are a fairly new company out of Philadelphia in the US who have been making hand wired effects for about a year and a half. The pedals only use the highest quality components such as NOS Mullard “Tropical Fish” caps, IRC resistors, NOS AC128 transistors, NOS G.E. caps, Switchcraft jacks, Alpha pots, cloth covered wire etc. and all feature horror themed graphics which look pretty cool in my opinion.

TSVG’s newest pedal is called Angry Jeff, pictured above which is a dual transistor fuzz with a raw sound but its bias control allows you to dial it back when needed. The pedal is available directly through the TSVG website for $155.

Some of their other pedals currently available are the Keystone Fuzz, Emperor Overdrive/Boost, Hard Stuff Boost and the Red Eye Overdrive.