That’s right people, Dirks is back! Rebecca announced recently that she had parted ways with Premier Guitar where she had built up a pretty big following thanks to her very popular Rig Rundown™ video series on their YouTube channel. Now Rebecca has joined forces with Andy and the team at to launch a new interactive guitar magazine called Tone Report weekly available from Apple’s App Store and Google Play.

tone report weekly

The interactive is free to download and features loads of great content and it is presented in a way I haven’t experienced before with digital guitar mags, this has been designed as a tablet/smartphone magazine from the ground up rather than trying to make a physical magazine interactive and they have done an excellent job. I even found myself clicking on the video buttons on full page ads to watch inline videos that have been produced for The Tone Report, and I never click on ads! In the first issue there is a feature on Billy Gibbons by Rebecca, an interview with Harry Koski of Mad Professor effects and amps, an awesome Big Muff shootout by fellow Aussie and YouTube review extraordinaire Brett Kingman, plus a whole load of pedal reviews.

Tone Report Weekly is a digital guitar magazine done exactly right, they have raised the bar in my opinion on how a guitar magazine format can work on mobile devices.

Also on’s YouTube channel will be a daily news video from Rebecca Dirks, here is the first episode: