Ladies and Gentlemen I think we have a winner, I’ve found some pretty pricey guitars in the past but this one I think takes top prize. Introducing the Goldcaster, the world’s first and only real gold guitar which retails for an insane $1,000,000.

The GoldCaster’ is a custom made hollowbody guitar that features a solid 18 Karat Gold Top. Additionally the following 33 items are made of solid 18 Karat Gold:
– Nut
– Bridge
– Saddles (6)
– Tone knob
– Volume knob
– Switch knobs (2)
– String tree
– Ferrules (6)
– Neck plate
– Strap buttons (2)
– Headstock logo
– Headstock Lettering (10)

You can check out more photos in the gallery here or if you want to drop a million on the guitar with the most bling ever contact Jhoseph King via the contact page.