I’m constantly amazed by not only the amount of guitar and effects modelling apps that are available for iOS but also the quality, and I don’t just mean the audio quality either, the entire user experience of these apps including the graphical user interfaces are fantastic.


StompBox Band is a new app, or at least new to me, that again looks stunning. How this app differs from all of the other guitar amp/fx apps that I have used on my iPad is that you can use it in portrait mode which is your rack view where you add/remove/move effects but when you switch to landscape mode it turns into a virtual foot controller to help you visualise what you are selecting with your bluetooth pedalboard or whatever.


Another clever feature is Dual Channel mode which allows to band members to have to configurable effects racks which can be routed separately back to the mixing desk, powered speakers or amps on stage. If a single user is plugged in you can use this feature so that you have two independent effects racks that can be returned as two separate outputs.

Check out the walkthrough video below:

You can read more about StompBox Band at their website – http://www.stompbox-band.com/.