It’s not often as a Mac user that I’m jealous of Windows users but when I got an offer to demo Riffstation I was very sad to read that it is a Windows only application because it looks bloody brilliant.

Riffstation is basically 3 apps in one, the first is Jam Master which enables you to import any mp3 and loop sections, isolate guitar tracks, adjust the pitch and speed etc. to help you learn that tricky riff or solo. You will see from the demo video below the software is incredibly intuitive so you can spend more time jamming and less time figuring out how to work the app.

The second module is Riff Builder which allows you to rearrange songs at beat level in realtime and even has a shuffle feature to randomly create new riffs from existing tracks, I think is a really cool feature!

The third module is the Chord Viewer which calculates the chords being played in your loaded track and displays them in chord boxes.

Check out this demonstration of the amazing Riffstation in action!