In last year or so I have discovered a few amazing Australian guitarists such as Michael Dolce, Chris Brooks and Jeremy Barnes who I had previously not heard about. Michael Dolce wanted me to check out his friend Marcel Yammouni and sent over a copy of his album ‘Eclecticity‘, now if Michael is impressed I was sure to be blown away. I am.

Eclecticity‘, as the title suggests, brings together all of Marcel’s influences into one instrumental album and you really do hear the influences. I’ve been listening to this album a lot over the past couple of weeks in the background when I’m working and I sometimes forget what I’m listening to and flick to iTunes because I hear a lick that reminds me of someone. The best example of drawing his influences together is the last track on the album, the cheekily titled ‘Van Beckather‘, I don’t think I need to explain that one and you hear glimpses of Eddie, Steve and Jeff all rolled into a great rock track but it still has Marcel’s own identity stamped all over it.

As a rock guitarist I would immediately put Marcel up there with the best guitarists I’ve ever heard, just hearing the 45 second outro solo on ‘Van Beckather‘ will make your jaw hit the floor, it is breathtaking! However Marcel is a complete guitarist, in fact in Australia, like Michael Dolce, he is a much sought after session guitarist so you can imagine he can cover a lot of styles. There are a lot of Fusion tracks on this album that blend his obvious love of Rock music with a Jazzier side such as ‘Song For Linus‘ which also features some wonderful fretless bass and it sounds like Marcel is using a sustainer maybe. Another couple of Jazzy tracks are ‘New Beginning‘ and ‘Grebo‘ both showing Marcel’s strong sense of melody as well as amazing improvisation skills and his lovely smooth Lukather-esque tone.

I’m always a fan of the rock tracks so ‘Full Dirties‘ is one of my favourite tracks, it’s very Satriani/Petrucci with a strong theme carried throughout and a brilliant breakdown halfway through that has lots of interesting layered guitars before launching into a blazing solo with a touch of Wah.

The best way I can describe Marcel’s music is the way he describes himself in the title of the last track, he really is Van Beckather! He has the melodic sensibilities of Jeff Beck and Steve Lukather but the incredible flair of Van Halen. This album is a must buy for every guitarist!

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