I know you’re probably thinking, “another amp sim app?!”, yes another and it’s good, really good! I’ve been testing ToneStack by Yonac Software on my iPad using my iRig HD interface and the first thing I noticed was how little noise you get from the amps, plus there is pretty much zero latency. I did change the audio settings to highest quality but left the buffer at 256ms as 128ms caused issues on my iPad with some of the more complex amp/effects chains. My iPad is a couple of years old, newer iPads with more grunt will no doubt not have a problem.

The UI will be pretty familiar if you have used amp sims before but even if you haven’t it is very simple to use, I suggest checking out the multitude of presets first which demonstrate all of the stock amps with various cabs, mics and effects and how they can be chained together. One of the most interesting effects is an splitter pedal which allows you to set up a stereo chain with 2 sets of amp/cab/effects panned however you wish. I haven’t seen this in an iOS Amp Modelling App before and it means you can go all Bonamassa with your rig!

There are heaps of great effects included but also a lot of extra effects available as in-app purchases should you wish to expand, this goes for Amps & Cabs too. The included amps will cover pretty much all bases but there may be a specific sound you are after that you get from one of their add ons. I will record a demo soon for the Guitar Noize YouTube channel to show you just how great this app sounds.

“Yonac Software is pleased to announce the release of ToneStack, now available on the iTunes App Store. ToneStack is the ultimate in signal processing: it brings the best variety of amps & FX, the latest advancements in modeling technology, and an unbelievably powerful yet simple interface to iOS.
“Because ToneStack uses our “Virtual Circuit” technology, each ToneStack unit is the digital mirror image of a real analog topology,” says engineer and guitar player Jim Yonac. “The result is a warm, responsive tone with the natural behavior you find in analog units.” ToneStack comes with 6 classic amps & cabs and 20 powerful FX (with over 68 additional units available for in-app purchase). ToneStack also offers the ultimate in signal chain versatility – use up to 64 units simultaneously (device CPU limitations apply). With ToneStack’s ABY units, the signal can be split anywhere in the chain. ToneStack is universal and available in the App Store for a limited- time introductory price of $4.99.”

$4.99 is an incredible deal by the way, I’d snap that up quick before the price rises. Here are some of the features of this app:

  • Units modeled after real-life topologies
  • ABY: split signal anywhere, use dual amp setups, blend, pan or switch FX chains & more
  • Complete collection: 24 amps & cabs, 70 FX, with stompboxes & rack-units and more!
  • 64 simultaneous amps & FX
  • Independent amps & cabs
  • 3 mics per cab w/ distance & position setting
  • 8-Track recorder w/ 2 tracks free
  • Tapedeck w/ punch looping, sample-accurate rec, pitch/time manipulation, FX send & more
  • Tuner w/ permanent & fullscreen modes
  • Metronome, tap tempo, settable time signature
  • BPM sync mods & LFOs
  • onSTAGE mode w/ quick preset load & FX toggle
  • Unlimited banks & presets; easy preset sharing & more
  • Extremely powerful MIDI: control any amp or FX parameter
  • Easy MIDI Learn
  • MIDI prog changes + bank & preset up/down
  • Audiobus: input, FX, output, state-saving
  • Inter-App Audio FX
  • Audio copy/paste, email, WiFi, iTunes sharing
  • iOS compatible USB or headphone jack interfaces (USB recommended for best audio quality)