Cracking the Code is a documentary series about the mechanics of virtuoso shred guitar technique featuring high-speed, slow-motion camera views of licks from picking legends like Michael Angelo Batio, Rusty Cooley, Frank Gambale, Steve Morse, Tommy Emmanuel, Mike Stern, and many others. Judging by the examples from the videos above, different licks are played and explained and then played at 2 different slow motion speeds with a camera looking at the picking hand so you can see exactly how each player attacks each pattern which I’ve never seen done before. It is more than a documentary it is also an instructional course. The idea is to answer the question “Why are some players seemingly super-powered?”

The surprising answer is that the world’s top guitarists rely on a system of highly efficient, highly precise, and yet nearly subconscious mechanical techniques. To replicate this, students of the instrument would have to traverse years of practice, only to arrive independently at precisely the same set of subtle hand movements.

Senior producer Brendan Schlagel describes the series as “Wonder Years”-meets-“Mythbusters” style, for guitar players. You can watch the entirety of Season 1 on their YouTube channel. Check out Troy’s amazing analysis of Steve Vai solos!

Keep an eye on the website and YouTube channel for upcoming season 2 trailers.
Cracking the Code