Apparently this video was recorded in half an hour at Laney’s NAMM 2013 booth and features the amazing Fred Brum. As you can hear the new IRT-STUDIO sounds fantastic direct into a computer via USB and of course the 2U rack amp can also be plugged into a speaker cabinet too.

“The IRT-STUDIO features a USB Audio I/O and a RE-AMP send jack. The USB supplies both a dry signal and the processed signal – split left and right to your DAW – directly into either your PC/MAC or iPAD, which means that you can alter the guitar tone of your original recording – without having to re-track anything!

The IRT-STUDIO has an internal dummy load – so unlike a conventional tube loaded amp – you don’t need to connect an external speaker – Which gives you truly silent recording!

The IRT-STUDIO also houses a high quality speaker-emulated record out immediately after the output section which means it delivers all valve tone to your DAW or PA or both at the same time for recording your live shows.”

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