Logidy EPSi
I think this is a really exciting stomp box, the Logidy EPSi is a Convolution Reverb pedal that loads Impulse Responses from an attached SD Card. The pedal comes with a large collection of over 100 IR’s, and it is easy to add more. Impulse Responses enable the acoustic characteristics of a location, such as a concert hall, to be captured and then applied to another audio signal such as a guitar. “Convolution reverb” refers to that process of applying the digitally simulated reverberation of the physical space via the Impulse Responses.

Large 6 second convolution window allows for anything but infinite sounds
Ultra realistic spring reverb, plate reverb and acoustic space sounds
Never-heard-before special FX sounds
Switchable zero latency analog dry path with high impendence input
Settable all-important decay time and wet level
Supports impulse responses in standard WAV format for easy expansion
At a suggested retail price of $299.95, the EPSi can be purchased now from logidy.com at an introductory price of $199.95.

via Premier Guitar