Digitech Luxe
Only yesterday I posted about the new DigiTech Drop pedal, a dedicated polyphonic drop tune pedal, and today I wake up to news in my inbox about yet another new DigiTech pedal. The DigiTech Luxe is what DigiTech are calling, “…the world’s first stand-alone, compact, polyphonic detune pedal,” and an “anti-chorus”

The Luxe is related to the Drop Pedal in that it isolates the detune effect from the Whammy™ Pedal into a dedicated stand-alone pedal and adds positive and negative detune capabilities. If you’ve never tried using a detune effect it is a really simple way to thicken up your guitar tone, Eddie Van Halen used this effect a lot on the ‘5150, album.

The Luxe detune will add consistent “thickening” to your signal without the modulating side effects introduced by a chorus effect. Whether you’re playing single notes or chords, the Luxe provides a lush, solid, and true pitch-detuning effect. Clean guitar chords shimmer. Distorted guitar harmonics are richly enhanced. The Luxe simply just makes everything sound better.

LEVEL – Adjusts the mix of detune signal with dry signal
DETUNE – Adjusts the detune amount from -50 to +50 cents

For more info check out http://digitech.com/en-US/products/luxe