It has been a while since I posted an episode of The Guitar Noize Podcast but what better way to make a return than to interview one of the hottest talents of Metal guitar, Chimaira’s Emil Werstler. In this interview I talk to Emil about his involvement with Chimaira going back to The Infection tour where he was not only playing in his own band Daath supporting them but also as the second guitarist for Chimaira, also his stint as the Bass player and moving forward as the lead guitar player and a songwriter for the new line up. We also chat about his love of teaching and his philosophies on guitar, touring and of course we talk about his gear including his involvement with PRS Guitars.

For more information on Emil check out Chimaira’s website –

You can also subscribe to Emil’s lessons over at where he covers such topics as economy picking, Diminished Chromaticism and Jazz up your pentatonics. Emil is a brilliant teacher and obviously a virtuosic player so I definitely recommend checking these lessons out.

emil werstler