ashkan mashhour guitar fingers
Ashkan Mashhour, author of Intervallic Fretboard: Towards Improvising on the Guitar, has created his latest book “Guitar Fingers – Essential Technique in Pictures” to help guitarists develop good left and right hand technique through a collection of exercises both on and off the guitar, and that is where this book is quite unique. 

The book begins by discussing correct posture, something often overlooked and the reason many guitarists suffer from back pain and tendinitis or carpal tunnel syndrome. There are an abundant collection of photos throughout showing various seating positions, ideal arm and hand positions as well as correct fretting positions, fretting pressure and picking hand position for both playing with a pick and finger picking.


The next part of the book explores hand fitness, a set of exercises to help develop strength and stamina in your hands, finger independence, stretches and agility. All of this can be done without a guitar, you could even sneak them in while at work without anyone noticing, and if they do you can pretend you have a hand injury and have been told to do these exercises by your physio! Following on from these exercises are the first TAB examples, a series of challenging left hand workouts using chromatic lines, chords, intervals etc.  These supplemental exercises are great warm up routines.


The next 5 chapters deal with the different types of picking technique starting with the basic mechanics of up and downstrokes including illustrations and photographs and plenty of TAB examples. Next is alternate picking, followed by Economy picking, Sweep picking and finally Hybrid picking, all with pages and pages of exercises. There are enough examples in each section so that you can concentrate on a single technique each practice session.


The rest of the book takes various guitar techniques from string skipping, to bending, to vibrato, muting etc. as with the earlier chapters there are many pages of examples, close up left and right hand photos and illustrations. 

Guitar Fingers – Essential Technique in Pictures is a great book for developing a specific technique or two each time you pick up your guitar, or you can work through the entire book as your entire practice session. Just make sure you follow the instructions and don’t rush through otherwise you will not benefit fully from this book full of strength, dexterity and technique building exercises.

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