gearphoria vol 2 number 4
Gearphoria, the free,did I say free? Indeed I did, an excellent guitar mag which I have contributed to in the past and surprised myself by sounding all professional, is moving from a quarterly to bi-monthly format. This is great news, Blake and Holly do an excellent job each issue with features, reviews and all things boutique guitar.

Since the transformation from effects blog ʻWhatʼs That Dude Play?ʼ to a
quarterly e-mag, Gearphoria has increased in popularity and set the standard for small
builder coverage in the robust boutique guitar-centric MI market. 

“Support for Gearphoria has been phenomenal and continues to grow,” explained Blake
Wright, Gearphoria publisher and editor-in-chief. “By moving to bimonthly delivery, we
will be better positioned as a timely news source as well as give us the opportunity to
expand our breadth of coverage. It also creates two additional issues per year to tell the
stories we want to tell.”
Along with the increased frequency, Gearphoria will also undergo a redesign that aims
to improve readability as well as better capitalize on the publicationʼs digital platform.
The magazine will continue to be free to read, and include all of the content it has come
to be known for… insightful columns on the gear of yesterday and today, exclusive and
in-depth features, builder profiles, artist interviews, shop tours, gear reviews and more.
Based in Houston, Texas, Gearphoria is a publication of WrightSide Media.