I have been meaning to make this video for a while now not so much because LePou’s plugins are free (you can donate via the website though) but because so many people use the LePou amps sims and LeCab and create such amazing recordings with them. So first just to explain how to use these plugins you will need a DAW or some kind of VST host to load the plugins, they are available for both PC and Mac, I use Reaper on a Mac as you can see in the above video.

When you download the Amp Sims pack you get a Marshall style amp called the HyBrit, a Mesa Rectifier style amp called LeCto, an ENGL style amp called Le456, a Bogner style amp called LeXtac and an amp which I believe is a LePou original called LeGion. I plugged directly into my Focusrite Scarlett 2i4 audio interface which connects via USB to my Mac. As I explain in the video you cannot use the amp sim without cabinet emulation, it would be the same if you plugged a tube amp directly into a computer, so LePou has created an Impulse Response loader called LeCab 2 which again is freely available to both PC & Mac users.

LeCab2 offers :

  • 6 impulse slots
  • Latency control (down to 64 samples)
  • Dropdown menu built with the .wav files contained in the directory where the last impulse is loaded
  • Next and Prev buttons to navigate through the impulse directory
  • Solo button for each slots
  • Channel selection for each slots
  • Possibility to link the loaded impulse of 2 slots (other controls stay independant)
  • High Pass and Low Pass filters for each slots
  • Phase, Delay, Pan and Volume controls for each slots

LeCab 2 doesn’t come with any impulse responses so you are going to have to source those yourself but just type ‘free guitar cabinet impulse reponses’ into Google and you will see a lot of great results.

So back to the amps, I have given a brief demonstration above but the key is to play around with different cabinet IRs and tweak the amp to get exactly the result you want. The heavy amps are a bit fizzy which is pretty normal for a plugin so I would recommend using a post fx EQ onto the channel and experiment cutting certain frequencies. There are some great tutorials on YouTube if you search for eqing guitars and whatever genre you are playing.

I will follow up this post with a Metal demo I’m currently working on where you will hear the Le456 in the context of a track with Bass and Drums with some EQ applied.