Floyd rose discovery series
Floyd Rose are two word synonymous with Floating Tremolo systems, the Floyd Rose has been used worldwide on almost every major brand since it’s invention. Floyd Rose guitars have never really enjoyed the same kind of success despite some high profile players over the years such as Richie Sambora. I hadn’t seen any Floyd Rose guitars for a while when I suddenly received an email the other day about their Discovery Series which you can buy direct from Floyd Rose through their website FloydRose.com. Now unlike the International Series which retail for between $800 – $1000 and are only available through dealers, these are a budget option that cost $330 – $380 (depending on the model) and feature a Floyd Rose Special Tremolo rather than their 1000 Series trem on the international series. There are a few options, either H, HH or HSS configurations as well as a Flying V. Each guitar has finish options such as black, white, blueburst or vintage sunburst.

Check out the Floyd Rose website for details on how to order direct.