Fender Tweed HotSeat
I have no idea how long Fender has had a separate website for Fender Custom Furniture, no wait forget the website for a second I had no idea Fender made Custom Guitar Furniture at all! In fact I’m glad they do because my guitar furniture category was looking a little sparse, I haven’t posted anything in there since November 2007!

So what exactly IS Fender Custom Guitar Furniture? Well as it turns out they make 2 products with variations. First as pictured left is the Fender HotSeat individually hand built the same way Fender Amps are and the top pops up to put all your cables, strings, guitar leads etc. inside, the button to pop the lid is actually a Fender volume knob! This is available as a Blackface or as pictured left a Tweed version and cost US$180 each. Fender are offering a very limited run though so get in quick. I think they are a great idea!

The other product available are the tables which come in 3 different flavours, Deluxe Stratocaster Table, Deluxe Telecaster Table and the Standard Stratocaster Table. They’re not cheap but then what furniture is, but I wouldn’t want the Standard which is made of wood composite, isn’t that MDF? Anyway it looks plain compared to the solid Maple Deluxe version which is $750. These tables certainly wouldn’t look right in my house but I’m sure someone will put them to good use!