Ok I think it has been fairly well established that when it comes to guitar design I’m pretty conservative, I understand that designers need to push boundaries in order to see what can be done and changed but at the end of the day, for me at least, the reason that electric guitar design hasn’t changed much in the past 70 years is that is doesn’t need to. So you can imagine I find the Be Guitar a little hard to look at but I’m clearly not the target audience. The cool thing about this guitar is that you can personalise it without needing to take it to a tech or by taking a sander to the guitar or something. The guitar has a magnetic face plate so you can use your band logo, favourite piece of artwork or create something yourself.

be guitar

Also the website states that you can plug your Apple device and your earphones directly into BE guitar, so I’m assuming there is an onboard audio interface which again is a cool feature. Another feature of the guitar is a balance bar, this can be clipped into place when sitting to fit against your leg and make playing in a sitting position possible. The real reason for this seems to be though is that the guitar is not balanced when standing so you use it to counter the balance of the neck… personally I see this as a design flaw of the guitar, if you create a balanced guitar you don’t need to add a counter balance weight?!

The guitar is also available in a MIDI version called the BE MIDI Synth Guitar which includes Roland’s GK-3 System. Its 13 Pin output seamlessly controls guitar-synth boards such as the Roland GR-55 and GR-20 while still giving a standard guitar output to play through your regular amp.

So while this guitar is not for me there are probably a few people interested in a compact guitar that they can easily record on the go with and the Rob O’Reilly guitars are definitely equipped with the right technology to make this an easy task. You can read more about the guitars (and the bass) here – http://www.rorguitars.com/.