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Epiphone Dobro® Hound Dog M14 Metalbody & Blueshawk Deluxe

Epiphone Dobro® Hound Dog M14 Metalbody
Epiphone’s Dobro® Hound Dog M-14 Metalbody guitar features an easy-to-play Round Neck and the renowned resonator style and sound that have been inspiring Dobro® fans since the late 1920s. The body of the Dobro® Hound Dog M-14 is made from Bell Brass with nickel plating and features a SlimTaper™ D-profile Mahogany neck for a rich and full tone that makes finger picking and sliding smooth and easy in all registers. Unlike hard-to-play vintage models, the new Dobro® Hound Dog M-14 Metalbody features a dual action truss rod for quick and reliable intonation

Epiphone’s Blueshawk Deluxe is the long-awaited return of an original classic. The Blueshawk Deluxe was first introduced in the ‘90s and has been a connoisseur favorite ever since. The Blueshawk Deluxe features the upper bout curve and cutaway of a Les Paul, but with the semi-hollowbody design and small f-holes of an archtop – the result is one of the most versatile and distinctive guitars anywhere. The Epiphone Blueshawk Deluxe also includes new P-90 PRO™ Single Coil pickups plus a 6-position Rotary VariTone™.

Look for the new Dobro® Hound Dog M14 Metalbody and the Blueshawk Deluxe in spring 2015 or visit for details.

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The Aristocrats – Tres Caballeros Teaser & Pre-Order Info

The Aristocrats new album ‘Tres Caballeros’ is now available for pre-order via their online shop where you can also order an 8-bit Tres Caballeros T-Shirt. Tres Caballeros” will be released in a Standard Edition (CD) and Deluxe Edition (CD/DVD), which will include a 30-minute documentary featuring live and in-studio footage, outtakes, demos, and more.


“Tres Caballeros was tracked over ten days in February at world-famous Sunset Sound studios, where Van Halen (1), Led Zeppelin IV, and Rage Against The Machine’s The Battle Of Los Angeles were tracked, among hundreds of others. The result: Nine new compositions of greater sonic depth and breadth than ever before, with unique textures and lush layering augmenting the band’s preternatural ability to improvise both individually and as a group at the highest levels possible.”

The track listing for Tres Caballeros is as follows:
1. Stupid 7
2. Jack’s Back
3. Texas Crazypants
4. ZZ Top
5. Pig’s Day Off
6. Smuggler’s Corridor
7. Pressure Relief
8. The Kentucky Meat Shower
9. Through The Flower

For details of The Aristocrats North American tour click here.

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Joe Satriani announces his 15th solo studio album, “Shockwave Supernova”

Legendary guitarist and probably my biggest influence personally, Joe Satriani has announced that he will release his 15th (15th!!!) solo studio album, ‘Shockwave Supernova‘, on 24th July, making him one of the first to utilise the new “Friday, Global Release Day” for music.

Press Release
Recorded late last year at Skywalker Sound in Lucas Valley, CA, Satriani assembled the dynamic trio of world-class musicians who had recently been part of his global tour; renowned keyboardist and guitarist Mike Keneally, a veteran of several Satch outings and recordings; along with drumming whiz Marco Minnemann and bass extraordinaire Bryan Beller. “I couldn’t have asked for a better band to help bring these songs to life,” says Satriani.

The album also sees Satriani once again joining forces co-producer and engineer John Cuniberti. Satch and Cuniberti share production on Shockwave Supernova, as they have on numerous albums – their shared history dates back to the guitar star’s 1986 debut album, Not Of This Earth and its follow- up, the platinum-selling, critically acclaimed, Surfing with the Alien.

Minnemann and Beller handle the bulk of Shockwave Supernova’s rhythmic duties, with the exception of four cuts – the driving “Keep On Movin’,” full of wondrous Satch guitar wizardry and Keneally’s playful piano, “In My Pocket,” a deliciously greasy, souped-up take on Swing, along with “Crazy Joey” (a deliriously effervescent romp) and “Scarborough Stomp” (a relentless upbeat rocker) – find Satriani joined by another powerhouse rhythm section: the esteemed drummer Vinnie Colaiuta (whose work includes the likes of Frank Zappa, Sting, Paul Simon, among others) and Jane’s Addiction bassist Chris Chaney (whose resume includes Alanis Morrisette, Celine Dion and Rob Zombie, to name a few).

1. Shockwave Supernova
2. Lost In A Memory
3. Crazy Joey
4. In My Pocket
5 On Peregrine Wings
6. Cataclysmic
7. San Francisco Blue
8. Keep On Movin’
9. All of My Life
10. A Phase I’m Going Through
11. Scarborough Stomp
12. Butterfly and Zebra
13. If There Is No Heaven
14. Stars Race Across The Sky
15. Goodbye Supernova

In a creative and engaging alternative venture, Satriani, a lifelong science fiction fan, has reached out to the future, through the medium of animation. Finally recognizing the on-stage symmetry with his alter ego allowed Satriani to also take a risk on this particular style of storytelling. He says, “Guitarist Ned Evett and I have created an animated series called Crystal Planet. The actual Crystal Planet is our very own Earth, set billions of years in the future. The hero of the show uses music generated by a unique electric guitar to travel through time while the show’s characters struggle to preserve the future and past of humankind.” More information on Crystal Planet and how and where fans will view the series will be coming shortly.

Fans are now able to pre-order the new album with an exclusive signed poster only at Joe will be selecting art for the poster from fan submitted art – check Joe’s FB page for more details ( The album is available for pre-order on Amazon ( and iTunes ( and will also be available to order as 2 LP 120 gram vinyl.

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Steve Vai Plays With Sepultura At Rock In Rio – Las Vegas (5/9/2015)

Rock In Rio USA took place in Las Vegas, Nevada on May 5th and Sepultura played a 55 minute set that is available above in full however I have set the player to start at the point that Steve Vai joins the band to play “Kaiowas,” a cover of Steve Vai’s “Bad Horsie” and then the Sepultura’s “Roots Bloody Roots”. Enjoy.

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Ernesto Schnack Releases Solo Acoustic Guitar Game Of Thrones EP

Ernesto Schnack has released his new EP Game of Thrones, a collection of five acoustic renditions of songs taken from the hit TV series of the same name. Included are re-recorded versions of the main title and “Rains Of Castamere”, along with “Goodbye Brother,” “The Bear and The Maiden Fair,” and the bombastic finale “Mhysa.”

All five songs have been available as YouTube videos, which have garnered Ernesto a bit of Internet fame among fellow Game Of Thrones fans, “I’ve been really amazed at the response I’ve gotten for those videos…it just felt like it was time to record them all properly and release them together.”

Ernesto Schnack is a guitarist and composer from Panama who is known for his solo acoustic covers of bands like Tool, A Perfect Circle, and music from Game Of Thrones. His YouTube channel is fast approaching 2.5 million views and 15,000 subscribers.

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Sheptone Pickups 6T8 Humbucker For Hollow or Semi-hollow Guitars

Sheptone 6T8
The Sheptone 6T8 Humbucker set uses a long rough cast Alnico 5 magnet which helps give it a “gritty growl and clear balanced tone”. Wound with #42 poly wire on butyrate bobbins, the neck pickup averages 7.4k DC resistance and the bridge pickup averages 7.8k DC resistance.

“This set came about for players who looking for the ideal pickup to match with hollow and semi-hollow body guitars. For me, that is the 68 T-Top in an ES-335.”

If there is one thing I love about Sheptone as a company they always post amazing demonstration clips of their pickups and the 6T8 Humbucker is no exception check out this great demo:

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Greg Howe demos his new Signature Carvin Guitar & DV Mark amp

Greg Howe, one of my personal favourite guitarists on the planet (and probably of lifeforms on other planets) demonstrates his gear for 2015 including his new signature Carvin GH24 and his signature DV Mark Maragold amp.

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Fender Blues Junior made from old whiskey casks

Red Dog Music have reported that “The Fender Custom Shop have hinted at the release of a super-limited edition “80 Proof” Blues Junior guitar amp, made from reclaimed oak whiskey casks.” And while the Fender Custom Shop are showing no signs of this beautiful amplifier on their website I have found a couple of sites who are also reporting the news and of course there are these amazing photos.

Aside from the obvious cabinet overhaul, the “80-proof” Blues Junior also features an upgraded 12″ 8 ohm Jensen P12Q replacing the usual “Lightning Bolt” Eminence speaker, the amps is accented by brass knobs, a leather handle and a brass control plate and the Fender logo is branded into the wood.

Apparently the Fender 80 Proof Blues Jnr will be limited to 100 pieces and will retail for $1,999 USD.

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That Pedal Show – Andy Timmons Talks Tone TheGigRig G2

Daniel from TheGigRig (leaders of effect switching and power supply solutions) interviews Andy Timmons and talks about his tone, his effects and how he uses TheGigRig G2 switching system on his pedalboard that Daniel built for him.

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DiMarzio Black Angel Acoustic Soundhole Pickup

Press release
Responding to requests, DiMarzio, Inc. announces the release of The Black Angel™, a new passive magnetic soundhole pickup for acoustic guitars.

In keeping with its name, The Black Angel™ is matte black in color. Like The Angel™, The Black Angel™ “hears” the entire range of the acoustic guitar from top to bottom, with no gaps anywhere. Its “feel” is just as important. The Black Angel™ tracks right- and left-hand dynamics and responds immediately to the sound coming off the string.

The Black Angel™ is quiet, and although it’s magnetic, it doesn’t sound electric — there’s no hum and no battery. Both coils are on a parallel axis to the strings, featuring a humbucking magnetic circuit that is acoustically isolated to reduce unwanted finger and pick noises. Players who like to mix two or more pickups together will appreciate the built-in phase switch makingThe Black Angel™ ideal for use in any dual or multi source system, and it can be easily combined with any piezo or microphone.
The Black Angel™ installs easily and quickly in the soundhole with no modification to your guitar, and it fits soundholes of 3-1⁄2 inches (89 mm) and larger. The 2-1⁄16 “E”-to-“E” string spacing on The Black Angel™ easily accommodates guitar nut dimensions ranging from 1-11⁄16 to 1- 3⁄4 inches.
Both a 1⁄8-inch to 1⁄4-inch Switchcraft endpin jack (install version) and a quick mount 10-foot cable (standard phone jack) are included with The Black Angel™.

DiMarzio’s The Black Angel™ acoustic pickups are made in the U.S.A., and may now be ordered for immediate delivery. Suggested List Price is $229.99. For more information about The Black Angel™ pickup, please visit our website at

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