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The Magnet: The Smartphone Camera Mount for Guitar

Earlier this year I posted about a guitar documentary series called ‘Cracking The Code‘ by Brendan Schlagel, Troy Grady and Adam Payne which documents the mechanics of virtuoso shred guitar technique using high-speed, slow-motion camera views of licks from picking legends such as Michael Angelo Batio & Frank Gambale. This series has now spawned it’s own product! They say necessity is the mother of invention and Troy Grady has needed a way to capture the slow video over the years using various clamps and contraptions which has evolved into this sleek simple design which can hold any kind of Smartphone or Go-Pro camera. Actually it can hold two Go-Pro cameras so that you can simultaneously film both hands while playing.

Now you may be thinking why would I want to film myself playing, well as Troy points out this is incredibly useful for slowing down your playing to identify problems with your left and right hand technique. However, how many videos have you seen of bands playing live and you get the fretboard shot? It’s a cool technique to splice into your band videos, YouTube play-throughs or product demos and until now you had to make do with some kind of makeshift phone holder.

By the way make sure you check out Troy Grady’s YouTube channel, he’s an incredible guitar player!

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Sound like a 12 String with the Digitech Mosaic Pedal

Digitech mosaic
This pedal may be very limited in its application but that is not necessarily a bad thing. If you are a guitar player that occasionally wished they could coax a realistic 12 string sound from your electric or amplified acoustic guitar the DigiTech® Mosaic Polyphonic 12-String effect pedal might be just the thing you’ve been looking for.

“mediately identifiable 12-string tones are now yours with octave low strings and doubled high strings. Single notes and full chordal strums shine with polyphonic richness and celestial movement that will inspire you. The Mosaic’s balanced low-end response with crisp octave shimmer produces a tone that’s lush and articulate, just as with a 12-string guitar.”

For more info –

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Hollow Point® Intonation System for Double Locking Tremolos

Anyone who has owned a guitar with a Floyd Rose tremolo system will know that setting the intonation can be a bit of a pain in the arse. Well Black Cherry USA have invented a simple set of replacement parts called Hollow Point, that make intonation on a Floyd Rose as easy as the fine tuners that they are famous for.

hollow point

Even though they will work on many variations of the original Floyd Rose® & Licensed units, including the Ibanez® Edge® Trems, our Hollow Points® work best on the recessed or low profile tremolos for maximum preservation of fine tuning range.

hollow point

The Black Cherry USA Hollow Point Intonation System is available in Chrome or Black direct for $49.95 or Gold for $59.95. For those with a 7 string Floyd Rose like myself you can order an extra Single Hollow Point through the order page when you purchase the 6 string set.

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Floyd Rose FRX Tremolo System, Retrofit Tune-o-matic & Stop-tail Bridges

floyd rose frx
Say what now?! I hadn’t heard about this had you? Floyd Rose have been known for their classic double locking tremolo system for decades but those with a stop tail or Tune-o-matic bridge can now join in the whammy fun with the new Floyd Rose FRX Tremolo System without having to make much in the way of modifcations to their guitar.

“This is a historic moment for Floyd Rose, releasing this brand new bridge 35 years after the invention of our original tremolo system. Initially available in Chrome, Black and Gold, the FRX will retrofit all tune-o-matic bridges and stopbar tailpieces with a locking nut/truss rod cover hybrid that will mount behind your guitar’s existing nut, which only requires two small wood screws to be installed. This is the only modification that has to be made – there is no routing required whatsoever!”

“As most of you saw on Facebook or on, the main hold up on beginning pre-orders of this system was the necessity of a new packaging design, which we are still finalizing. In the interest of getting this long-awaited reinvention of the Floyd Rose Tremolo System into the players’ hands and onto their guitars sooner, we’ve decided to make pre-ordering available now, although packaging has not yet been finalized. This means that the initial FRX Priority List pre-orders of the bridge will be received in generic bulk packaging, while we continue to take the time to tweak the “Official” FRX packaging design.”

You can pre-order the FRX Tremolo now here.

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Antitone – A New Group Discount Guitar Store

antitone promo
One of the first sites I saw offering discounts for group purchasing was IK Multimedia who were offering great deals on their software the more people who committed to buy. I haven’t until now however seen an entire online guitar store dedicated to group purchasing and has picked an excellent week to launch just in time for Black Friday in the U.S.

Antitone’s unique shopping experience organizes like-minded individuals to vote on a product, commit to buy together, and receive the product at a price significantly lower than retail cost, as the price drops with every additional commitment. With over a hundred gear manufacturers already on board—ranging from huge names like Shure to local boutique brands like Verellen Amplifiers— Antitone is set to launch its initial lineup of products in time for the 2014 holiday season.

“The idea behind Antitone is to give buying power back to the consumer,” says Creative Director Jonathan Suhr. “They pick the products they want and essentially dictate the price as they invite their network to participate. We believe that community is the core of any musical endeavor—buying the gear that helps us to create music shouldn’t be any different.”

Users can currently sign up to beta test or learn more about the Antitone platform at As Antitone prepares for its launch, manufacturers and vendors are also welcome to inquire about offering their products through Antitone.

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VFE RUP Multiband Distortion Pedal Kickstarter

VFE Pedals has launched a Kickstarter campaign to help raise the $5000 needed to finance the purchase of circuit boards, enclosures, and other components to build the first production run of the Radical Ultrasonic Processor (check out the image below for the pink Rainbows, Unicorns, Puppies version for teh lulz, (The RUP can be totally customised with your choice of colour and graphics).


The RUP takes the audio signal and splits it into three bands – with independent control over the bandwidth, gain, compression, harmonic character, plus the overall mix level of each band. The RUP also contains FX loops for each band, clean blend and master 3-band EQ, making it able to create unique distortion tones for any instrument and playing style.

Learn more at

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Jimi’s London Interactive Hendrix Map

To celebrate the release of John Ridley’s new Jimi Hendrix biopic ‘Jimi: All Is By My Side’, Curzon Film World have created this interactive map of London detailing a timeline of Jimi Hendrix and different stages of his personal life:

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The Jeff Loomis Challenge

As part of Toontrack’s annual Metal Month, Jam Track Central and Toontrack give you the Jeff Loomis Challenge!

Download the audio track for Jeff Loomis’ playthrough with all lead parts muted from here. Then, record your own rendition of Jeff’s parts and upload your own video to YouTube, share it on Facebook/Twitter and hashtag it #JeffLoomisChallenge. Your entry will then be added to a Toontrack/Jam Track Central playlist. If you don’t have a Facebook account, feel free to email your YouTube link to:

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Awesome slap guitar lesson package by Fabian Ratsak

Fabian Ratsak contacted me yesterday to let me know about his new Slap Guitar lesson package, I have to say that is a first for me, I’ve never been sent information for a lesson package specifically about slap guitar. The slap technique is more commonly used by Bass players but has been used by players such as Guthrie Govan on recordings over the years. I think funk and fusion guitarists in particular will really enjoy this lesson package, the intro in the video above is awesome!

The package includes:

  • Full transcription of the main video in .pdf and .gp5 (transcribed by Levi Clay)
  • 10 foundation slap excercises in HD video and mp3 (slow/fast)
  • Slap blues song example (video/mp3) also in .pdf and .gp5 format
  • Backing tracks and drum loops to practice in various speeds

You can purchase Fabian’s Slap Guitar lesson package for just $5 here.

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Stringjoy Custom Gauge Guitar Strings

Stringjoy Packaging
We’ve come a long way from when there were just a handful of guitar strings available — just take a look at the wall of strings at your local guitar store. The choices border on overwhelming.

Still, though there are a lot of brands to choose from, most offer the same handful of gauges. You’ve got your 9s, 10s, 11s, maybe a few hybrid sets. But if you want to handpick your string gauges like Hendrix did, your only choice is to buy multiple sets and combine them. Well, custom gauge guitar string company Stringjoy wants to change that.

“Guitarists will do anything to improve their playing and tone. We customize our guitars, swap tubes on our amps, search for the perfect combination of effect pedals, all to make us sound more like us—so why do we all play the same handful of string gauges?

We started Stringjoy because we wanted more out of our strings. At our site, you create your own custom set of strings, optimized for your gear and playing style—and nobody else’s. All our strings are made in the USA, and shipping is always free*. It’s your music. Play your own strings.”

Their electric and acoustic guitar strings start at $7 a set with free shipping*, or if you get 3 sets, they knock it down to $18.

Find more information here: Stringjoy Custom Guitar Strings.

*within the US, orders outside of the US are not available yet.

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