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Way Huge announce the Saucy Box Overdrive Pedal

Way Huge Saucy Box are asking could the Way Huge Saucy Box finally be the pedal to rival the (ridiculously overpriced) Klon Centaur? Well I’ll let you decide from Andy’s demo but it sounds great to my ears as do all Way Huge pedals, Jeorge Tripps certainly knows how to produce great tones.

“You just heard the Saucy Box, a sassy new do-it-all overdrive from our friends at Way Huge Electronics. Despite its simple layout, the Saucy Box is practically bubbling over with tone, from transparent buffering and rich, juicy boost with the drive knob down, to complex (dare we say “Klon-like”?), overdrive tones with drive at noon, to sweet, creamy musical saturation as the drive knob veers clockwise. It achieves this diverse range of tones with a unique circuit that splits the guitar signal into two discrete paths; one clean and one dirty, which are then expertly blended for an ideal amalgamation of overdrive, compression, and dynamic clarity. Its controls are highly interactive, and the pristine passive tone circuit lets you quickly find your sweet spot, no matter what guitar and pickup combination you’re plugging in. With its versatile tones and rugged simplicity, this saucy box can replace a whole pedalboard full of lesser overdrives. Like all Jeorge Tripps’ designs, the Way Huge Saucy Box is constructed of the finest components available, featuring rugged true bypass switching and standard 9v operation.” –

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Gibson Les Paul Classic 7 String

Gibson les Paul classic 7
Well I can see this guitar getting a lot of unwarranted hate mainly due to the scale length being the regular Gibson short scale, the thing is as I saw Peter from I Heart Guitar point out if it was a longer scale length it wouldn’t be a classic Les Paul, it would be another Les Paul shaped 7 string! So if you buy this guitar be prepared for a pretty fat low B if you prefer stiffer tension.


The Gibson Les Paul Classic 7 features a mahogany body with traditional weight-relief and carved maple, a glued-in mahogany neck with one-piece rosewood fingerboard with a 24.75” scale length, a Seymour Duncan ’59+ in the neck position and JB in the bridge, a push-pull coil splitter and an onboard 15 dB gain booster.

“The popular SlimTaper™ neck profile helps you maintain speed and playing ease across the full seven strings, and feels great from low-string riffing to high-fret wailing.”

Check it out here – Gibson Les Paul Classic 7 String.

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Get your 80’s on with Jackson’s Limited Run Pro DK2M Dinky in Crackle Finish

When I started playing guitar things like crackle finishes were pretty normal, Phil Collen’s main guitar for the Hysteria tour was Jackson Crackle Finish. The teenager in me still wants this guitar but the sensible old man in me says I need to settle down with a hard tail single cutaway…

The DK2M Pro Series Dinkyfeatures an alder body, flat-sawn graphite-reinforced bolt-on maple neck with wrap-around heel, 24-fret compound radius (12″-16″) maple fingerboard with offset black dot inlays, black neck and headstock binding, direct mount Seymour Duncan® JB Zebra (bridge) and ’59 Zebra (neck) humbucking pickups with five-way blade switching, Floyd Rose® bridge, black hardware and Dunlop® strap locks.

For more information go to

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PRS Dustie Waring Limited Edition ‘Floyd’ Custom 24

prs dustie waring
Ok initially when this press release landed in my inbox I did think, who on earth is Dustie Waring and was expecting some old country dude… oops. The funny thing is I actually really like Between The Buried and Me I think The ‘Parallax II: Future Sequence’ is great. Ah well I’m getting old and don’t take notice of names, what can you do?

Anyway all that aside this is one of the tastiest PRS Custom 24’s I’ve seen in a while, the PRS Dustie Waring Limited Edition ‘Floyd’ Custom 24 features as the name suggests a Floyd Rose Tremelo, PRS Phase III locking tuners, glow-in-the-dark sidedots, and PRS Bird inlays. The guitar features a carved figured maple top, mahogany back, 25” scale length and a 24 fret rock maple neck. Finally the black hardware is topped off with the black Dusty Waring Signature DiMarzio Humbuckers which look killer, I love black hardware \m/.

prs dustie waring close up

Check out this video of Between The Buried and Me playing their song Extremophile Elite to see the PRS Dustie Waring Limited Edition ‘Floyd’ Custom 24 in action.

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Dawner Prince Effects™ Viberator™ Stereo Vibe

“Adding versatility for modern guitar players while preserving vintage tonal character, Dawner Prince Effects company breathes a new life to the old Uni-Vibe® effect.”

Viberator is a premium, stereo version of the vintage phase shifter with a number of modern options. Utilizing all analog circuitry in a very compact design, Viberator impeccably delivers all those deep, natural and watery phase and shivering vibrato sounds.

• Stereo outputs with separate volume controls for true rotating speaker simulation
• Unique Symmetry control for altering the shape of an LFO waveform
• Expression pedal input for external speed control
• True bypass switching system with bi-colour flashing status LED
• Very compact design
• Standard 9V DC power requirements

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Fender expands the American Standard Series

Press Release

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. (October 7, 2014) – Fender is proud to expand its popular American Standard series. The series, which debuted in 1986, has become the proverbial heart of the Fender brand, fusing the best of classic and contemporary features.

“The Fender American Standard series is the core of the Fender lineup, the place where we combine our 60-plus years of history with modern innovations in a perfect blend of the best of yesterday and today,” said Justin Norvell, vice president of marketing at Fender. “They are handcrafted American originals, and the choice of professionals worldwide. These seven new models provide musicians with an even greater tonal palette, making the American Standard a great choice no matter what features or sounds a player is seeking. With the American Standard series, we make art in our instruments, so musicians can make their art with them in their music.”

The American Standard Stratocaster® guitar is the same great model it has always been, and now it’s upgraded with aged plastic parts and full-sounding Fender Custom Shop Fat ’50s pickups. The latest iteration of the time-honored classic, it is the very essence of Strat® tone and remains a beauty to see, hear and feel. Now available in two new colors, Bordeaux Metallic and Ocean Blue Metallic.

The American Standard Stratocaster HSS features the above as well as a Diamondback™ humbucking bridge pickup, while the American Standard Stratocaster HH model comes equipped with a pair of Twin Head Vintage humbucking pickups that deliver enormous full-bodied sound, three-way blade pickup switching and three aged white control knobs (one for each pickup and a single master tone).

Other premium features on these instruments include a maple neck with comfortable “modern C” profile and four-screw Micro-Tilt™ neck plate, 9.5” fingerboard radius and 22 medium jumbo frets, three-ply parchment pickguard, two-point synchronized tremolo bridge with vintage-style stamped steel saddles, and more. The HSS is also available with a maple or rosewood fingerboard in Bordeaux Metallic and Ocean Blue Metallic, while the HH is available in 3-Color Sunburst and Black with a rosewood fingerboard, and Olympic White and Ocean Blue Metallic with a maple fingerboard. Hard-shell case included.

The American Standard Telecaster® guitar has been upgraded with a comfortable new body contour and classic-sounding Fender Custom Shop Twisted Tele® (neck) and Broadcaster (bridge) pickups. The latest incarnation of a truly timeless classic, it rings more fully, brightly and crisply than ever. Now available in Bordeaux Metallic and Ocean Blue Metallic.

The American Standard Telecaster HH hot-rods the time-honored American Standard Telecaster with a pair of Twin Head Vintage humbucking pickups that deliver enormous full-bodied sound. Other premium features include a maple neck with comfortable “modern C” profile and four-screw Micro-Tilt™ neck plate, 9.5” fingerboard radius and 22 medium jumbo frets, three-way blade pickup switching, three-ply parchment pickguard, two knurled chrome control knobs (master volume, master tone), American Standard string-through-body bridge with six bent steel-steel saddles and stamped brass plate, and more. Available in 3-Color Sunburst and Black with a rosewood fingerboard, and Olympic White and Ocean Blue Metallic with a maple fingerboard. Hardshell case included.

For more information, go to

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MOD Duo multi-effects pedal

I have to admit when I first saw the MOD Duo I thought it was a cool idea but that it would be better in a larger pedal board format for easier selection of effects, but it appears that not many people share my view as the company have already reached over $57,000 of their $65,000 goal with 10 days to go which is an amazing achievement and shows just how much interest there is for this pedal. Here is an explanation about what makes this pedal so clever.

“We built a pedalboard that is a computer at your feet optimised to work with audio processing. The MOD uses the LV2 open standard technology, which is established and has numerous highquality available effects. The LV2 also has a vast community of audio plugin developers. When accessing the MOD from any device (computer, tablet or mobile phone – regardless of brand), you have access to a simple and intuitive interface so that you can arrange your effects as you want to, in any order and with as many connections as desired.”


“We also have invested in “MOD Social”. You can share and find other musicians’ pedalboards on the same screen as the one you use to arrange your effects, in literally just one click.”

Now aside from this pedal which has two footswitches, two control knobs and two LCD displays giving you control of dozens of parameters the knobs are also clickable too adding more control to a simple layout. However as I stated before I was worried guitarists would want more control, more footswitchable effect gratification, well fear not! Those clever boffins have already thought of that with their range of peripherals.

First up is the MOD Expression pedal which can adjust the pan, change the sound volume, the delay time, the intensity of distortion or anything you want:

And then there is the Footswitch Extensor with 4 extra footswitches, yay!

Expect to hear a lot more from this company they are definitely using some very cool cutting edge technology to bring affordable yet extensible effects to guitarists around the world, check out their Kickstarter page using the link below.

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Truefire Andy Timmons Monster Gear Giveaway

Andy Timmons Monster Gear Giveaway
To celebrant the launch of Andy Timmons’ new instructional course for they have organised the Andy Timmons Monster Gear Giveaway featuring some awesome prizes, here’s the complete list:

Ibanez Andy Timmons Guitar AT100CL ($2699.99 Retail)
Mesa Boogie Lone Star Combo ($1949.99 Retail)
DiMarzio AT1 Andy Timmons Humbucker Pickup ($79.99 Retail)
DiMarzio The Cruiser Bridge Pickup – 2 ($159.99 Retail Total)
Xotic Effects EP Booster ($145.00 Retail)
Xotic Effects BB Preamp ($245.00 Retail)
Xotic Effects SL Drive ($155.00 Retail)
Carl Martin Compressor Limiter ($269.50 Retail)
Jim Dunlop M101 Phase 90 ($115.00 Retail)
Jim Dunlop M169 Carbon Copy Analog Delay ($215.00 Retail)
Jim Dunlop 800 Custom Tortex Picks ($337.44 Retail)
D’Addario NYXL1046 Guitar Stings – 2 Sets of 5 Packs ($119.90 Retail Total)
D’Addario EXP16 Acoustic Strings – 2 Sets of 5 Packs ($129.90 Retail Total)
D’Addario Planet Waves NS Micro Headstock Tuner ($22.99 Retail)
D’Addario Planet Waves American Stage Instrument Cables – 2 ($59.99 Retail Total)
D’Addario Planet Waves Pro-Winder ($10.99 Retail)

To enter all you have to do is head over to the competition page at and follow the simple instructions. Good luck!

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Auction for Andy (of ZVEX Effects)

Auction for Andy October 6-12 on A benefit auction for the family of Andrew Richardson of ZVEX Effects

Auction for Andy will be live on October 6th – 12th featuring over 150 items, including limited, rare and collectible items from 70+ manufacturers and artists.

“Andrew Richardson, sales/operations manager at ZVEX Effects passed away suddenly on September 1, 2014. Artists and gear manufacturers alike have rallied to raise money for Andy’s wife, Moe (Marisa) and 3 year old son Bronson, who must now carry on without him. His passing is felt deeply by the many who loved him. From stores, artists, distributors, manufacturers alike, Andy was loved and is sorely missed. In addition to his key role at ZVEX, Andy was an amazing musician and member of Minneapolis-based bands such as The Crush, Book of Dead Names, Start: Destruct and the Dirty Hits. Andy was sarcastic, hilarious, organized, whip-smart and kicky cool. He will be remembered always for his talent, generosity, lanky gait and devilish smile.”

“Andy suffered from depression and anxiety. Although he had friends on all corners of the earth, he was somehow not able to ask for help. His life and his loss will not be forgotten. If you or someone you love is suffering from anxiety, depression, feelings of hopelessness and thoughts of suicide, please do not suffer alone. Reach out to your friends, your family, your employer, anyone who you think can help you get through the dark moments. If you know someone who may be struggling with the weight of life, remember that asking for help can be very hard – don’t be afraid to reach out. Life can be very difficult, but remember that there really is nothing you cannot get through, and there are good times on the other side.”

There are some incredible free resources to help you on your journey:

Half of Us (sponsored by mtvU) – Are you dealing with Loss, Drug Abuse, Stress, Anxiety, Depression? Are you experiencing abuse, LGBTQ issues, trauma, body image issues, money problems, discrimination, self-injury, or veteran issues? If so, remember that half of us do too. Get the facts and learn how to take action. Practical, real and relevant info and resources for any one in need of help. Visit

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Carl Martin Dual Injection Pedal

Carl Martin has announced a new dual channel boost pedal called the Dual Injection which is due for release in October 2014.

“Carl Martin took the high quality, transparent boost from the Hot Drive’n Boost, and put two of them into one pedal. Each has it’s own level control and ‘True Bypass’ switch, plus there is another toggle which switches the Dual Injection between Serial and Parallel modes. In Serial mode, you use the Input/Output 1 on the back of the pedal and place the boost wherever you want in the signal chain. In Parallel mode, connect the Output 1 before your Drive or Preamp, and then use the Input/Output 2 on the side of the pedal to connect to your effects loop on the amp.”

For updates keep an eye on

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