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TC Electronic’s BodyRez Will Transform Your Acoustic Pickup Tone

Now this is a fantastic idea from TC Electronic, the BodyRez Pedal, designed to transform your Piezo or onboard Acoustic pickup tones of your plugged-in Acoustic guitar back to it’s natural full tone. I have played many guitars with Piezo or soundhole pickups and they do sound very thin and lack the natural harmonics of the guitar.

“With extra features like phase-reversal for getting rid of that nasty low-end feedback and a mute function for quiet removal of cables, BodyRez alleviates all tone related worries and lets you focus on what’s most important… your performance”


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Bohemian Guitars Vintage Series

Bohemian Guitars
I love Bohemian Guitars, they might not feel like a high end guitar (they are factory made in China) but they are perfectly playable, sound great and look fantastic. I was so impressed when Bohemian Guitars when they officially launched their business after a successful crowd funding campaign on Kickstarter that I dropped a few hints to my wife and was lucky enough to get a Bohemian Guitars Moonshine as a Christmas present, check my video demo at the bottom of the page.

Bohemian Guitars have just announced their new Vintage Series which are hand made in Atlanta, Georgia USA. Bohemian have used authentic vintage oil cans such as the Castrol Oil cans in the photo above to create four new models, from left to right in the image above: Super Mario which features a single P90 in the bridge position, The Inferno with a single coil pickup,  The Green Behemoth with a single P90 pickup in the neck position and El Torro with dual humbuckers. These guitars start at $480 so roughly $200 more than the Boho series due to them being hand made in the US.

If you want to purchase one of these guitars you can use the following link Bohemian Guitars and the promo code “BOHO15″ to get 15% off the purchase price.

Check out my quick & dirty demo of the Bohemian Guitars Moonshine which is available as part of the Boho Series:

For more info check out the Bohemian Guitars website.

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Summer NAMM 2015: ESP New LTD SN Series

More news from ESP Guitars for Summer NAMM 2015, they are releasing this very cool looking SN Series which come in 2 different versions. The first version comes with a Floyd Rose trem, the second version which have more vintage styling come with a Wilkinson VSVG vintage tremolo system and mainly single coil pickups. Here are all the details from the press release:

The new SN Series comprises six new guitars under the LTD Deluxe “1000 Series” range, and several of the new models mark the first time that the highly-acclaimed Fishman Fluence pickups have been incorporated into LTD offerings. The LTD SN-1000FR/FM/Maple comes in Aqua Marine finish, and includes a lightweight and tonal basswood body with a flamed maple top along with a maple fingerboard with 24 extra jumbo frets. It features a Floyd Rose tremolo, and is powered by a set of EMG 85 (bridge) and SA (middle/neck) active pickups. Similarly, the LTD SN-1000FR/FM/Rosewood offers the same feature set with a rosewood fingerboard and a gorgeous Copper Sunburst finish. Another Floyd Rose equipped model, the LTD SN-1000FR/Rosewood, features an alder body and maple neck with 24-fret rosewood fingerboard, and includes two Fishman Fluence modern humbuckers (ceramic bridge and alnico neck). It’s available in Charcoal Metallic finish.

For less extreme playing styles, the SN Series is also being offered with a Wilkinson VSVG vintage tremolo system. The LTD SN-1000W/Maple/PW offers an alder body and maple neck/fingerboard with 22 extra jumbo frets and a set of Seymour Duncan Custom 5/ SSL-3/ SSL-3 pickups, and is finished in Pearl White. The LTD SN-1000W/Rosewood offers the same feature set with a rosewood fingerboard and a great-looking Charcoal Metallic finish with white pickguard. The LTD SN-1000W/Maple/TSB is another traditional alder-bodied model using the Wilkinson tremolo, and includes Fishman Fluence single pickups. It comes in Tobacco Sunburst finish.

All LTD SN Series guitars employ bolt-on construction and a fast-feeling thin U-shaped neck. They will be available at authorized ESP dealers in the USA and international distributors this fall. More information on the LTD SN Series is available at

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Summer NAMM 2015: ESP Guitars LTD Deluxe Koa Top Models

ESP Guitars will be showing some new guitar models at Summer NAMM (booth 1232) including these two new LTD Deluxe “1000 Series” guitars, the EC-1000 KOA and the M-1000 KOA, which have one of my favourite woods for their tops, Hawaiian Koa. The new koa models will have limited availability through select ESP dealers and international distributors.

The LTD EC-1000 KOA provides a koa veneer top on a mahogany body, with set-through construction at 24.75” scale. It offers a 5-piece mahogany/bubinga thin U-shaped neck with a 24-fret ebony fingerboard, and black hardware. It includes a set of Seymour Duncan Custom 5 (neck) and Jazz (bridge) pickups.

The LTD M-1000 KOA adds a koa veneer top on to its mahogany body, with neck-through-body construction at 25.5” scale. Its 5-piece maple/bubinga neck has an ebony fingerboard with 24 extra jumbo frets, and adds a Floyd Rose tremolo as well as DiMarzio ST-2 custom passive pickups.

Check out for more info.

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Summer NAMM 2015: New Earthquaker Devices Pedals

Tentacle • Analog Octave Up
MAP: $125.00 USD

The Tentacle is a classic analog octave up effect taken from the Earthquaker Devices Hoof Reaper pedal who received so many requests to make it a stand-alone unit that they just decided to make it a reality. Check out the demo below:

Dunes • Mini Mega Ultimate Overdrive
MAP: $185.00 USD

The Dunes is a condensed version of Earthquaker’s popular Palisades pedal (ED’s take on the classic 808 overdrive). It features the same Gain, Tone and Level controls along with EarthQuaker’s favorite voice and bandwidth settings as well as the “Normal/Bright” toggle. The selectable voices are: “MOSFET” for a tight crunchy sound (Setting 3 on the Palisades), “Silicon” for the classic 808 sound (Setting 5 on the Palisades) and “None” which goes from clean boost to gritty, pure opamp distortion with a massive volume boost (Setting 1 on the Palisades). The two bandwidth settings are “stock” for the classic tone (Setting 3 on the Palisades) and “full range” for more low end (Setting 5 on the Palisades). The Dunes has all the great tone of the big boy Palisades but with a simplified interface and a smaller footprint

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Source Audio Vertigo Tremolo Pedal Announced

source audio vertigo tremolo
Press Release
Source Audio has released the Vertigo Tremolo, a powerful tremolo pedal with three onboard tremolo effects, stereo inputs and outputs, tap tempo (with Source Audio’s external tap tempo switch), and MIDI functionality when coupled with the Neuro Hub (formerly the Soundblox Hub). The Vertigo is the first pedal in Source Audio’s new One Series line of effects.

The One Series is a collection of streamlined, plug-and-play ready pedals with enhanced editing and preset saving capabilities when connected to Source Audio’s Neuro Mobile App (a free download for iOS and (coming soon) Android). “During our company’s ten year existence, we’ve come to understand how musicians interact with their effects,” says Source Audio President, Roger Smith. “There’s really a very wide spectrum – at one end there are the players who like to simply grab a pedal, plug it in and have it sound great. On the other end there are those who want to dig deep and intensely sculpt their sound. With the Vertigo Tremolo and the rest of the pedals in the One Series line, we truly believe that we’ve created a group of effects that will excite and inspire both sides of the spectrum and everybody in-between.”

The Vertigo offers three distinct tremolo effects. Normal tremolo delivers a precise renewal of the thumping “opto trem” amplitude modulation found in vintage Blackface Fenders. Harmonic tremolo revives the gentle sway of the Fender Super’s “Vibrato” effect from the early 60s – this vintage tremolo ping-pongs between a low and high frequency boost, creating a swinging phaser-ish effect. The mildly overdriven Bias tremolo creates the swampy “bias wiggle” of early tube bias modulation. The Vertigo takes the tonal possibilities a step further with its Shape knob that allows users to morph the tremolo’s wave shape from square, to sine or opto, to sawtooth.

Out of the box, the Vertigo Tremolo offers tremendous tonal range, but when connected to the Neuro Mobile App, the Vertigo gains additional functionality and effect possibilities. The Neuro App provides access to Source Audio’s free library of progressive tremolo patterns and hybrid modulation effects – each additional effect can be tweaked and stored in the user’s personal library of presets, shared with other Vertigo owners, or burned directly to the pedal. The App also offers an extended set of adjustable parameters including parametric EQ, wet/dry mix, tap tempo, low cut, and stereo separation.

The Vertigo also works with several of Source Audio’s external controllers and can receive MIDI messages. Plugging the Source Audio Tap Tempo Switch into the pedal’s Sensor Input engages the Vertigo’s tap tempo function. The tap tempo rate can also break down into beat divisions: quarter notes (one pulse per tap), eighth notes, triplets, and 16th notes. Similarly, the Vertigo’s tremolo rate will sync to MIDI clock messages sent from digital recording software via the Vertigo’s USB port or the Neuro Hub. External expression control is also possible with Source Audio’s Dual Expression Pedal as well as the Hot Hand 3 Universal Effects Controller. Expression control can be assigned to a single parameter or multiple parameters simultaneously. When coupled with the Neuro Hub, the Vertigo is fully MIDI compatible, giving the pedal the power to save up to 128 presets easily recalled via MIDI program change (PC) messages.

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James Ivanyi Demos The Friedman BE-100

Friedman amps really don’t need any introduction, Dave Friedman has become a legend in the guitar industry thanks to his company Rack Systems Ltd. building incredible rigs for the likes of Steve Lukather, Jerry Cantrell, Slash and Joe Bonamassa. Aside from his legendary rack and rig building company Dave Friedman also makes amazing amplifiers including signature models for Steve Stevens and Jerry Cantrell.


The BE-100 is the modded plexi head that has become one of the most sought after amps over the past few years, I had the chance to play one over at the Cilia Guitars workshop a couple of months ago and it is definitely worth the hype! Until now there haven’t been any metal demos of the Friedman BE-100 (at least I haven’t seen one) but I think this is the ultimate metal demo for Friedman from yet another incredible Aussie talent (see my earlier post on PLINI for another), James Norbert Ivanyi. Every time I hear James Ivanyi play I am stunned, he has incredible accuracy and a writes impossibly complicated riffs and yet he can play beautiful melodic passages too so he needs an amp that does it all. From what I experienced the Friedman has an incredible amount of gain on tap when you need it but cleans up nicely using the guitar volume, it is touch sensitive yet an absolute monster. Great demo Mr Ivanyi!

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PLINI & The Helix Nebula Australian Tour Announced

Plini, one of the most exciting instrumental guitar players to emerge over the past few years, has teamed up with fellow Aussies The Helix Nebula (another band overflowing with talent) for a tour – “The End Of Everything” Australian Tour.

Press Release
After years tucked away creating bedroom epics, PLINI has emerged as a living & breathing musical entity, set to embark on his first Australian headlining tour this August. PLINI will be joined on stage by the powerhouse drum-sensation that is Troy Wright and a selection of members from the tour’s special guests THE HELIX NEBULA, who will also be supplying their flavour of technical wizardry every night.

Following a recent sold-out live debut in Sydney (check YouTube for a taster) and a special appearance in England for the UK Tech-Fest, PLINI will present an array of material from his Trilogy of EPs at concerts in Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide and Melbourne.

The wildly-positive reaction to his first two EPs (“Other Things” and “Sweet Nothings”) led to enthusiastic contributions to the trilogy’s finale, “The End of Everything”, by renowned prog-virtuosi Marco Minnemann (drummer for Joe Satriani, Steven Wilson) and Chris Letchford (Scale The Summit). Experiencing these compositions as performed by some of Australia’s finest young musicians is a wild ride that will stir happiness in the heart of any fan of guitar-playing, prog, metal, fusion or post-rock.

What began as a two-piece studio project, THE HELIX NEBULA has now evolved into a monstrous quartet, bringing on tour for the first time their fierce blend of ridiculous complexity and masterful musicianship as documented on the debut EP “Meridian”.


In case you can’t read my resized flyer here are the dates and also links for tickets:

Friday 14th August – Sydney – The Factory Floor
Sunday 16th August – Brisbane – Crowbar
Friday 21st August – Adelaide – Enigma Bar
Saturday 22nd August – Melbourne – The Workers Club

Plini – ‘The End Of Everything’ Full EP Stream:

The Helix Nebula – ‘Meridian’ Full EP Stream:

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Kiesel Passive Lithium Series Pickups

Kiesel Guitars have recently announced their new line of passive Lithium Series to coincide with the rebrand of Carvin Custom Shop Guitars to Kiesel… at least I think that’s what they’ve done. The Kiesel Lithium pickups have been used in some of Carvin/Kiesel’s new models such as the DC800 and Vader. Bridge and neck models are available, in 6, 7 and 8 string configurations.

“Lithium Series humbucker pickups were made for the demanding modern music where clarity, focus and articulation is needed. From standard to drop tuning, this series offers great versatility and has an excellent balance between power and clarity. Patented six point star headed (also known as Torx) adjustable pole pieces give the proper amount of mass to add the needed focus and get amazing attack. The expensive Alnico V magnets produce a rich, powerful sound with warmth that is not available from less expensive ceramic magnets. The Kiesel pickups were designed in house and are proudly made in our Southern California Custom Shop. These feature one coil loaded with adjustable pole pieces and the other coil loaded with non-adjustable slugs.”

The Lithium pickups are available in black, white, cream and zebra coils (white/black or cream/black). The 6-string versions can also be ordered with black or cream mounting bezels.

For more info:

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Victory Amps VX The Kraken – 50 Watt High Gain Amp

Victory The Kraken
Victory Amps are continuing to expand their lineup this time with a high gain 50 watt head called the ‘VX The Kraken’. This amp is switchable down from 50 watts to 15, 9 or 2 watts making it a very versatile amp for gigging as well as home use. The VX The Kraken is powered by 4 x 12AX7 preamp tubes and 2 x 6L6 power tubes.

“Two footswitchable modes cover classic modified British rock sounds and contemporary American high-gain grind.”

A useful feature are the dual footswitchable master volumes so that you can maybe use the 2nd volume as a lead channel. There is also another footswitch input that switches between the 2 gain modes. Aside from these 2 features you can also switch the effects loop on and off too, so lots of control available with your feet. Finally there is a Bass Focus switch to create a tighter, more focussed bottom end, or if you prefer, more loose and resonant.

Victory Amps VX The Kraken Rear Panel:
Victory VXH rear panel

Lots of features on the Victory Amps VX The Kraken especially considering it is only 342mm(w) x 185mm(h) x 185mm(d), although it still weighs in at 8.2kg but that’s tube amps for you!

For more info head over to

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