Diezel have obviously been feeling the pinch a little this past year (aren’t we all!?) as they have just announced the launch of a new simplified cheaper priced amp called the Lil’ Focker and now this amp in a box called the Diezel Zerrer. Not to say this won’t be an amazing product, but Diezel amps are very high end and not something the average guitarist can afford so having a pedal like the Zerrer will be a welcome addition to the mighty Diezel product range for many guitarists seeking that tone.

The Diezel Zerrer has 2 channels and can be run in front of an amp or like a preamp (poweramp or amp’s return). It includes fx send/return (stereo), a compensated out (stereo) and aux in (mp3 player, iPhone/iPad) with stereo vol ctrls and a headphone out. The Zerrer can also be remote controlled with a midi switch (stereo remote jack) and includes an internal power supply.

Channel 1 is clean/dirty, Channel 2 simulates VH4 channel 3. Additional presence/deep controls to simulate the mighty Diezel pwr amp (think VH4/Herbert) either in front of your amp or into a power amp.

Diezel Amps Website