What you see above is something new for Suhr Guitars, no not the fact that it has a graphic of a lady in a top hat with a penchant for purple tea pots, it is a Suhr Modern Carve Top with a Set Neck. Until now the only option for this guitar was to have a bolt-on neck but Steve Stevens, who believe it or not has been Billy Idol’s guitarist for 30 years this year, has the first Set Neck Carve top and I can’t think of many people more deserving.

I read a post in a forum somewhere from Steve explaining that this young lady was a photo of his girlfriend or wife but I can’t seem to find that info again so if anyone sees it please post a link in the comments below. The guitar features an illustration of Steve’s wife Josie whom he married back in 2008, both Steve and Josie feature on the reality TV show Married To Rock as I found out recently.
Now back to the guitar, what is quite stunning about this guitar is the neck itself just check out this photo:

The finish is stunning and the Roasted Birdseye Maple just adds to the amazing colour, look here’s a close up of the headstock:

Oh and in case you’re thinking “But I can’t even see any evidence of the carve top!” then here you go:

If you would like a Suhr Modern Carve Top Set Neck yourself then you had better speak to your local Suhr dealer, production will be starting pretty soon with this first model in the hands of a professional!