Last year ArtistWorks announced that they had partnered with the legendary guitar player and teacher Paul Gilbert to form the ‘Online Rock Guitar School with Paul Gilbert‘. ArtistWorks have built a great platform where they have enlisted some of today’s top players for each genre of various instruments and those musicians post lessons in beginner, intermediate and advanced categories, members can then upload a video of themselves playing what they have learned in a particular lesson as a video exchange and the teacher then responds to that member with a customised response video to help them further improve. This takes teaching beyond the usual format of just watching an online tutorial, dowloading the tabs and then never really knowing how well you are progressing. The fees for the Paul Gilbert Rock Guitar School are very reasonable too starting at $90 for 3 months, $150 for 6 months and $240 for a full year, I have personally paid almost the 3 month fee for a single skype lesson! As well as the online lessons which Paul is adding to all the time when possible (and he’s not on tour!) you also get access to a forum where you can exchange ideas with other members so there is a good community that you can hook into as well to get feedback.

If you are thinking of joining and worried that this may be too advanced because it is Paul Gilbert you needn’t worry, there are plenty of basic and intermediate lessons that cover not only the basics but how to develop those ideas. For instance the Fundamentals cover everything from how to hold a pick and how to do down and upstrokes to muting, barre chords and bending strings. There are also slightly more advanced lessons in fundamentals that deal with rhythm and syncopation, triplet pull-offs and hammer-ons and bending/pull-off combinations etc. Once you feel comfortable you can then move onto the Intermediate category to further your skills. With some of the lessons there are additional videos that show the lick or licks at a slower speed, it is simply a case of clicking on the second video link under the main video.

UPDATE: Ian just pointed out in the comments below that Paul actually does his best to post responses when out on tour too, check out this video response filmed in the back of a car! (click on Paul’s response under the video).

Online Rock Guitar School with Paul Gilbert is just one of the many online guitar schools at ArtistWorks. If Classical is your thing check out Classical Guitar Lessons with Jason Vieaux, for Solo fingerstyle guitar lessons check out the incredible Martin Taylor – , there is an Online Bluegrass Guitar School with Bryan Sutton who teaches acoustic guitar lessonsJazz Guitar Lessons with Andreas Oberg – and finally there’s Dobro Lessons with Andy Hall at the Online Bluegrass Dobro Guitar School.