Abyssal Light is the new album from the band Divine Realm, an instrumental progressive Metal album with some fantastic guitar playing and catchy riffs. Divine Realm is the creation of multi-instrumentalist Leo Diensthuber and now is a collaborative effort between Leo D, Marc Roy, Tyler Brayton, Kyle Gaulin and Alex Lysko. Leo Diensthuber is a full time private Guitar and Drum instructor and you can hear the drumming influence on his guitar playing with his ultra tight rhythmic and quite frankly very challenging riffs.

Leo began writing the first self-titled Demo “Divine Realm” in 2010 and Leo continued writing and producing tracks, joining forces with Marc Roy as an official contributing member of Divine Realm, as well as Tyler Brayton (also an ex-member of Silence the Villain) recording/producing and playing bass along with fellow “Team Bass” member Kyle Gaulin (ex-Pysiedius) and now featuring powerhouse drummer Alex Lysko (ex-Pysiedius) for the recording of Abyssal Light.

Abyssal Light contains 6 tracks of instrumental Metal that have a strong emphasis on melodic themes, if you are a fan of instrumental music like John Petrucci (solo album), Chimp Spanner, Pomegranate Tiger etc. you are going to love this album. Leo is a very technically skilled guitar played with blistering precision alternate picking riffs/licks and tapped melodic patterns but this doesn’t interfere with his songwriting, he has a very strong sense of melody which make the tracks enjoyable to listen to without it turning into a shred-fest.

You can hear a couple of tunes taken from the new Divine Realm album Abyssal Light below and you can stream and purchase the album over on their Bandcamp page here – http://divinerealm.bandcamp.com/.

Neptunian Desert:

Sentiments of Fear and Faith: