Ola Englund recently posted an announcement that he wouldn’t be renewing his contract with S7 Guitars and I also recently mentioned that S7G are no longer manufacturing the Strandberg Boden and Washburn have taken over those duties. Well it seems Washburn are making a big move back into the Metal guitar community as Ola Englund (not to be confused with Ola Strandberg) has just signed with Washburn to create a new Solar Series guitar, which will be part of the new Parallaxe series. Also Ola has just joined Swedish band The Haunted so he will be taking this new signature Washburn Parallaxe guitar on the road. Exciting times ahead for Ola!

“Washburn Guitars proudly announces the addition of highly respected guitarist/producer Ola Englund to the Washburn Parallaxe Series family of endorsers. Washburn and Ola Englund are currently developing a line of signature guitars together called the Parallaxe Solar Series which will be available later this year.”

“Parallaxe is Washburn’s recently introduced metal guitar series focusing on the worldwide rock/metal market and aiming to serve it with dedicated and advanced guitar technology. The line includes features that the most demanding rock/metal players have requested for years. It is stage & studio ready and packed with unique features such as the Stephen’s Extended Cutaway, Buzz Feiten Tuning System, Spring Silencers, big brass trem blocks, super jumbo frets, True Temperament Fretting Systems, EverTune bridge and USA hardware & electronics.”

“Ola Englund is widely known for being the guitarist for legendary bands such as Six Feet Under, Feared and recently joined Swedish melodic death metal band The Haunted. He is also very respected among the worldwide metal community for his professional YouTube demos and reviews for countless manufacturers.”