There has been quite a lot of growth in the 7 and 8 string guitar market over recent years and Ibanez make some of the most popular models especially now that they have their Premium line. The next 7 string to become a Premium offering is the UV70 based on the 20 year old Ibanez Universe designed with Steve Vai. According to it will come fitted with DiMarzio Blaze pickups and will cost £989 in the UK.
Ibanez UV70

Proof that the 7 string guitars are becoming very popular is the introduction of the GRG7221, which at £199 is possibly the cheapest 7 string on the market in 2013?
Ibanez GRG7221

Another bargain extended range guitar from Ibanez in 2013 is this RG8 which will only cost £349.
Ibanez RG8