carl martin 6pack multi-effect
Carl Martin believes that their new 6Pack is the first pro-quality, all analog, full programmable multi effect on the market. The 6Pack makes it possible to use one of four presets in each of 99 Banks using the 6 different on-board effects. There are also 3 different external amp switching options which are also programmable. The layout is designed to be super intuitive so no midi and no menus or sub menus to scroll through when you need to make changes to your sound. For each Preset, you engage the pedals you require for the preset, adjust all the parameters for each pedal and press store.

Features include an insert point after the drive, master mute switch, tuner out, tap tempo and instant access so you can enter or remove any effect or preset on the fly. The 6Pack also has solid steel casing, high quality switches and lighted pots and an external switch mode AC Power supply.

For more info keep your eye on or their Facebook page.