Yes! Finally Guthrie Govan is coming to Australia to do a clinic tour something I’m sure many Aussies will be very happy to hear. There are two levels of ticket pricing available, general admission for $49.95 (the last time this promoter organised a clinic it was at least double that so this is a relief). You can also pay $89.95 for a VIP ticket if you are loaded or a total crazy fanboy and get guaranteed seat in the first 3 rows (not sure that’s a good thing personally) and assured meet & greet (read as: general admission tickets may not get to meet Guthrie).

Clinic tour dates
Perth 21st July 2014
Brisbane 23rd July 2014
Sydney 24th July 2014
Hobart 25th July 2014
Melbourne 27th July 2014

South Australians you can catch Guthrie at the Adelaide Guitar Festival.

You can book tickets here.