Now here is a Crazy Guitar Design for you, I think my son would love this one although it is a little out of his price range (he is 2). I first noticed this guitar on BMusic Australia’s Facebook page, they are the main distributor of ESP Guitars here in Australia. I then did a little bit of research and found an article on Geek Mode confirming that this guitar is to be built by ESP Guitars. It appears in the photo that BMusic posted that production will be limited to 100, I could be wrong however as I don’t speak Japanese I’m just guessing what a sticker says. There is also a figure of 241,500 which may be the price in Yen? Sounds about right as this would be around the USD $2300 mark.

As you can see the pickguard on the guitar is shaped like the iconic Superman logo in a shiny metallic finish, not sure if it is actually metal or just plastic. The body is then shaped to look like Superman’s cape draped below, clever. The guitar has a sparkle finish too, even on the headstock which just has the words Man Of Steel and the Superman logo. A single humbucker ensures that the logo is not covered up and I’m guessing Superman would definitely be happy with this Metal setup. The guitar also has a hard tail bridge, maybe that’s because Superman would pick so hard it would put the strings out of tune if he had a trem?

So what do you think? Super-cool or Super-lame?