Atomic Amplifiers & Studio Devil have joined forces to create a new amp modelling pedal/desktop unit called the Amplifire. Atomic Amps are well known for creating active speaker cabinets used by guitar/bass players that prefer amp modelling units such as the Axe-FX to a tube amp. Meanwhile Studio Devil create virtual tube amp emulation software. With the Amplifire Studio Devil’s software has been housed in a rugged floor or desktop unit for live and recording performance.

In the above audio example Victor Arduini, original guitarist for Fates Warning and more recently Freedoms Reign, uses the Amplifire for a track which will feature on his upcoming solo album due later this year. Guitars all recorded using Amplifire with no post processing. I think it sounds great, I certainly can’t wait to get my hands on it and see what it is capable of.



  • All new, state-of-the-art amp modeling based on Studio Devil’s highly acclaimed and patented technology
  • Blazing dual-DSP powered hardware allowing for complex and detailed algorithms
  • Stereo 1024 point cabinet impulses with ability to upload 3rd party IRs
  • Robust effects selection including drive, modulation, delay, reverb, eq, gate, etc.
  • Dedicated, physical amp control knobs for intuitive tone adjustments
  • Versatile i/o options including ¼” Hi Z input with proprietary processing, separate stereo ¼” and XLR outputs and user programmable effects loop
  • 3 configurable and rugged footswitches
  • Easy to use as a pedal or desktop device
  • PC/Mac editor
  • 128 MIDI controllable presets
  • Field upgradeable firmware

For the latest news on the Amplifire you can follow announcements at Studio Devil’s facebook page.