washburn n4 2014
Washburn Guitars have announced an upgrade to the now classic Nuno Bettencourt signature model the N4. The latest version for 2014, called the N4CV, features 22 stainless steel frets and a carbon fiber fretboard which is apparently extremely fast and slippery.

The N4CV is made in the Washburn USA Custom Shop and features a vintage matte finished alder body with a Seymour Duncan® ’59 neck pickup and Bill Lawrence® L-500 bridge pick-up complemented by a Floyd Rose® bridge & locking nut system and Grover® Exclusive 18:1 tuners. One of the hallmarks of the N4 is the Stephens Extended Cutaway on the maple neck which allows for unprecedented upper fret access. The Buzz Feiten Tuning System allows for perfect musical intonation at every point on the neck. The stripped down control layout features a 3 way
pickup selector and 1 volume control.

The N4CV comes with a Washburn GCN4 hardshell case and retails for $3,999.90