Now this looks like a very interesting product, I’ve only just recently acquired a volume pedal and realised how incredibly useful a tool they are but the Sonuus Voluum really takes the idea of a Volume pedal way beyond anything that I’ve seen before. For a start it isn’t just a volume pedal it also combines a Gate, Compression, Tremolo and a Limiter which can be used simultaneously or in any combination, dual mode enables a 2nd LFO for even more potential for interesting sounds.

You can also use MIDI to change presets, control effects, record automation data, or send MIDI clock to sync the LFO thanks to USB-MIDI and standard 5-pin MIDI connections. With USB you can connect to the comprehensive Windows/OSX editor to visually configure the effects, or simply use the Voluum as a USB-MIDI interface.


  • Fully analogue signal path
  • 100 user presets
  • Transparent noise gate
  • Smooth (pedal-controlled) compressor
  • Dual-LFO tremolo
  • Volume effects
  • Limiter.

For a very thorough explanation of the pedal’s features head over to the Sonuus Voluum product page.