I was really impressed when I tested a Krank Revolution stack years ago in a guitar shop, I A/B’d it with a Triple Rectifier and another high gain head that I can’t remember and the Krank had more mid range, more usable features (dual master volume for instance) and a clearer, less fizzy or hissy tone. Sadly Krank Amplification finally went out of business mid 2013 and I thought that was that. However the Tony Krank story does not end there, he, Jeromy Graves and Pat Flanagan have formed a new company called Revolution Amplifiers “Dedicated to bringing HIGH quality MADE IN USA vacuum tube guitar, bass amplifiers and some cool delay, booster and overdrive pedals.”

Above you can see the new 100 Watt Head ($1199.99 plus shipping) which features two channels and a true bypass footswitchable tube effects loop.

The head comes in three versions:
The “Rival” Vintage Classic rock
The “Bully” Ultra high gain with a touch of darkness
The “Fenix”- (Krank) Rev style overdrive but more refined tone and boostable mids.


Also available is a 20 Watt Head ($649.99 plus shipping). The 20 Watt head is also available in the same three different versions as the 100 watt head and also features a two channel design.


And finally the Revolution 4×12 Cabinets featuring the same stars grill design and available as 13 ply birch or solid pine (special order). Also available as a 2X12 or 4X10 Speaker Cabinet.
Speakers are: 12″ Legend Eminance or 10″ Legend Eminance. (also made in the USA).
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