diezel lil' focker
Diezel Amplification have announce a “simple 100 watt / 2 channel amp with less features and less expensive price point”. Unfortunately in doing so they have lost a lot of the cool factor from the look of their other amps in my opinion, what is that blue all about?! Anyway I’m sure it sounds great but it’s not going on my wishlist, I think I would rather a Herbert.

100 watt / 2 channel amp including serial loop and dual footswitch for channel / master select.
Channel 1 from clean to crunch.
Channel 2 is a hot rod version of the VH4 channel 3 / Herbert channel 2+. A blend of them with 20% more gain available.
Presence, Deep as always.
Master 2 on the footswitch.
No midi.
Serial loop.
This amp has a rich resolution in the midrange preamp section but no loss concerning response, presence and low end.

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