jaden rose fred brum mantis
More ERG news from NAMM, Fred Brum has just announced a signature Jaden Rose 8 string guitar called the Mantis, here is what Fred posted and the guitar specs:

I’m more than stoked to see my baby come to life, and this very prototype will be put through its paces at NAMM to show its mettle! :D

My deepest thanks to Jaden Rose Guitars, Bare Knuckle Pickups and the companies that so diligently have supported me over time – your faith in me and your support never goes unnoticed.

Specs on this prototype are:
– swamp ash body
– maple neck with 27″ pau ferro board, 27 frets
– Bare Knuckle Alnico Warpigs
– Hipshot hardware

Next example will have an Evertune installed, but you’ll know the full details when the time comes. :)