Ibanez TSA5TVR Tube Screamer Combo
Retro amps seem to be all the rage lately with Fender’s pawn shop Vaporizer amps for example and many plexi clones with old school grill cloth and offset design. Ibanez have picked up on the trend and transformed their Tube Screamer amp into a retro TV style combo called the Ibanez TSA5TVR Tube Screamer Combo which is a 5 watt amp.

Decked out in cream and sea foam green vinyl, set up on console legs with a TV screen shaped speaker grill, this little amp has got style and attitude to spare. The TSA5TVR is an all-tube, Class-A, 5-watt combo with a genuine Tube Screamer built into the front end of the amp. Accessible by a control panel toggle switch or an IFS1G footswitch (not included) the Tube Screamer circuit is a perfect match for the 12AX7 preamp tube and the 6V6GT power tube. It’s loaded with an 8″ Jensen® C8R speaker specially tuned for Ibanez, selected for its excellent response to overdrive distortion and the built in Accutronics® Reverb delivers the smoothest spring reverb in the industry. Also features an External Speaker out, Headphone out and a direct Line out.

Check out the Ibanez website for more details.