Here is a sneak peek photo from Ibanez from their booth at Winter NAMM 2014 of the new Jake Bowen of Periphery Signature model Ibanez, the JBM100 (top) which I have to say is quite stunning although personally I’m not one for reverse headstocks. I’m sure you’ve already seen plenty of photos of Jake playing this guitar but it will now be available to the public to purchase loaded with his signature DiMarzio Titan pickups.

Ibanez JBM100

Below that you can see the existing Tosin Abasi TAM100 guitar in the finish that some people (such as me) don’t really like, I’m not a fan of the block inlays and gold hardware personally but it looks like they have made an alternative version based on his old RG2228 (I think it was!? Photo here) that is white with black hardware and a tortoiseshell pickguard and dot inlays which I think looks awesome. I can’t see from the headstock if this is a premium version so if anyone has any info please drop me a note in the comments below.

Thank you to @jmegaddict on Twitter for letting me know that the new model is indeed a Premium version called the TAM10.

Ibanez TAM10