When I posted about the 60th anniversary Fender Stratocasters including the Fender Deluxe Strat Plus I overlooked a pretty big detail, or maybe that detail wasn’t explained until now, either way I have to share this important feature. So you have all heard about solderless pickguards and pickups that make it incredibly easy to change pickups using simple connectors which I think would make 90% of guitarists more willing to try more pickups. I know that I never personally solder my own pickups I always go to the tech which is an expense I could really do without if I wasn’t so afraid of soldering. So that’s a great addition to this 60th anniversary guitar but there is something else that is explained in the video above called personality cards and this is where it gets really interesting.

The personality cards fit into an easy access compartment on the back (similar to a battery compartment), these cards are completely passive with a 50 pin connector that modify the strat controls such as treble bleeds, changing the tone controls into a master treble cut and master bass cut etc. Obviously these cards will be sold separately but the guitar does come with 2 initially. These are the kinds of modifications that would be very difficult to people who don’t even know how to change pickups, this totally simplifies the process and I look forward to hearing what other personality cards will be available. Great forward thinking and technology development that is actually instantly usable rather than just tech for tech’s sake.