Francesco Sondelli, Founder of F-Pedals, and Eddie Kramer, world renowned music producer, at Phonotype Studio in Napoli, Italy introducing the world’s first wirelessly powered pedals.

Eddie Kramer has been teasing about these pedals for a while but just said they were doing something you had never seen before, which is true, the 2 analogue pedals from the Eddie Kramer series are the Phazevibe (Phaser and Vibe pedal in one) and the Edstortion both with a tiny footprint. At first when I heard wireless powered I thought, cynically, oh you mean like batteries? Well ok yes this does mean the batteries never go flat so it is quite different. Basically the pedals use the same technology used in those charging mats that exist for smartphones except there is no inteference noise. As Francesco mentions in the Winter NAMM 2014 video above he is working on a way to fix the pedals to the pedalboard without velcro which I agree is horrible to have to use, this would be a welcome addition. What do you think? Is this something that you think would be useful for you?

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