Premier Guitar dropped by the ENGL booth to get a demo of the new 4 channel, 100 Watt, EL34 powered Invader II which I hadn’t seen mentioned anywhere else. As explained in the video above the Invader 2 allows you to customize your sound using the sound wizard module on the back of the amp. This is an optional feature that can be purchased separately but it looks like you get a lot of tonal possibilities for the extra dollars. The great thing about this setup is that there are additional volume levels for each channel on the back of the amp that lets you fine tune the differences in levels between the channels.

he ENGL INVADER II features an improved channel design including 2 Clean channels and 2 Overdrive channels, all switchable between a HI or Low Gain mode plus a SOUND switch that changes the character per channel. That’s a total tonal variety of 16 basic sounds. The ENGL SOUND WIZARD MODULE E-16 offers 12 Sound Options for all 16 basic sounds to customize and fine tune the desired tones.

For full specifications click here.