blackbird El Capitan
Blackbird recently announced a Ukelele called the Clara that uses a new material called Ekoa, now Blackbird have announced their first acoustic guitar to use this new construction material. Here is a little bit of info about this new eco-friendly material:

Ekoa is produced in partnership with Lingrove, a distributor of natural high performance materials. It offers high performance with exceptional strength, dampening, resilience and even lighter weight than carbon fiber. Like all composite materials, Ekoa is made up of fiber reinforcement fabric in resin matrix, but one that is worker and planet-friendly. The plant-based fabrics and biobased resins have a beautiful designer material quality, which does not always require finishing along with distinct performance advantages over other composites.

“From its patented hollow-neck design to its high-tech Ekoa eco-fabric and resin construction, El Capitan’s every detail is engineered to generate the acoustic quality and volume of an even larger instrument. El Capitan is a game-changing instrument, delivering unmatched performance and sustainability, while transcending our reliance of ever-diminishing old growth wood stocks.”

El Capitan will be available April/May 2014 from